Stakeholders of the businesses

Balti Raj has located itself in Station Road, which is in New Barnet located nearby the New Barnet train station. The reason why Balti Raj has been set up there is due to the train station, office areas and also thickly populated residential areas. The opening hours for Balti Raj are 5:00pm to 12:00am. Most of official workers finish their work at 5:00pm and use public transport such as train, bus, tube, etc. to travel to work and return home.

So as people return from their work at five through New Barnet station, they pop into Balti Raj to have some food or buy food for dinner. There are also huge residential areas nearby Balti Raj, so people from these residential areas constantly order food for dinner, parties and so on. It is therefore a very good for Balti Raj as there are customers constantly from five till midnight. The premises cost and rent are also cheap in that particular area which includes a huge parking facility, which can be used by customers to park their cars.

Waitrose has stores located throughout the Midlands and the south of England – from Nottinghamshire to Cornwall. It has got over 135 stores located throughout the England. The main branch of Waitrose is located at Doncastle Road in Bracknell. One of its branches is situated in Holloway Road in Nags Head.

The Holloway branch has got a huge parking facility for its customers, which could provide about 300 customers to park their cars in that parking area. The Holloway branch has been located there by its owners, John Lewis Partnership where John Lewis Partnership Department store used to be before. One reason for locating Waitrose there could be because of the busy shopping area obtained by Argos, James Selby, Marks & Spencers, Safeway and many others. It could also be due to the customer demands in that area for Waitrose. Despite Safeway and M&S being there Waitrose still makes good profit out of its Holloway store, as the quality of the products and service are higher than that of Safeway and Marks & Spencers.

Every business has stakeholders. The college I study in has stakeholders, so I am a stakeholder in my college. The teachers and the security guards are also stakeholders in the college.

The stakeholders of Balti Raj are the customers who order food from it, the employees work for it and so on. Similarly Waitrose has stakeholders such as the John Lewis Partnership who owns the business, its customers, employees, the local community and so on. As an owner of Balti Raj, Afzal would like to see his business making higher profits and expanding from time to time. Similarly John Lewis Partnership would like to see that from Waitrose. Customers have interests in these businesses as well. As a customer a person would expect highly hygienic and tasty food from Balti Raj, which would meet his/her expectations, and high quality products, and services from Waitrose.

Both Balti Raj's and Waitrose's customers are important to each of them. As I've said before in my 'Customer Service' assignment that customers are fragile. Once you dissatisfy them, it is very hard to get them back and it is most likely that they never come back, especially in small businesses such as Balti Raj. So in most cases customers want reasonable prices, performance, quality and convenience.

The influence of customers depends on the type and size of the business, and how receptive is it to the views of customers. If a customer of Waitrose stops shopping from Waitrose and goes to Safeway to do his/her shopping, then Waitrose is unlikely to notice. This is because it operates on such a large scale it only knows if something is wrong if many customers stop shopping and sales fall.

On the other hand, if a person is a regular customer in Balti Raj and suddenly stops going and ordering food from there, Afzal is likely to wonder why and may ask the customer if he/she suddenly calls in again, or even meets him/her somewhere.The government therefore has a significant influence on businesses, as it can make an activity illegal and therefore controls business operations effectively.

The government not only tries to control business activities, but they also want to encourage businesses. To do this they introduce protective and supportive measures, such as to protecting smaller businesses by making it illegal for large businesses to collude and fix prices. Health & Safety legislation protects employees and also gives employers legal protection against dangerous and unsafe actions by workers.

In conclusion, both Balti Raj and Waitrose are doing their best to provide their customers with the best possible service in a very satisfactory manner, which would lead to increasing profits for both the organisations.