Stakeholders and there role within a business

The aim of this section is to show how directly and indirectly stakeholders are involved in a business, to show that stakeholders and owners may have a common interest and to bring out that some stakeholders are more powerful than others, why this is, and how they exert their influences on the business. Stakeholders Stakeholders are interested in what happens in a business and the way these activities are managed. There are many different parties who may be interested in the running of a business. They are as follows:  The government  The local community.

Customers  Employees  Shareholders Stakeholders can come together for a common purpose and this increases the amount of power they have, but there can be problems between stakeholders if they are looking for different aims and one of them is bound to make a loss from the merger of the two groups. These stakeholders can either be involved internally i. e. employees or externally i. e. shareholders. The stakeholders of Tate & Lyle The stakeholders of Tate & Lyle are as follows:  Shareholders  Customers  Employees  Local community Government

 Sugar cane growers * Other businesses a) Shareholders Tate & Lyle is a public Limited company with shareholders all over the world. The shareholders are the owners of the company each shareholder has purchased shares in the company. Part of the company's capital comes from payment for shares. The shareholders are mainly interested that Tate & Lyle make profit in order to earn more money. The success of the business decides if the share price is high or low which makes shareholders know from their shares if they are making a profit or not.

The shareholders decide who stays or goes basically. They elect directors and if the company is performing badly they can sell their shares and this makes it easier for someone else to take over because the share price has dropped. b) Customers Customers want to be sure that the products that are being sold to them are of good quality and do not become useless after a certain period of time. They also want good products at a considerably good price. If a business is selling its goods.