Private and public police

The merging of the private and public police means the increase in the intrusion of private places and into various relationships between people since in the public domain, the private police will have easier access and in the places that they are restricted from accessing, the public police will have easier access and this means that little can be done; unless in a court of law, to prevent the access of ones private property by the police. It is poor policy to have citizens and private organizations to collide and counter-attack each other without the intervention of the government and in ways that even the government may not.

This is because of little or no provision of such in the Constitution. On personal opinion, the constitution should be broadened to incorporate the laws which would be used to govern the private police without raising lots of controversies and heckling from human rights activists and any other affected people. Conclusion: The functional alternatives of the private and public sector of the police ensures that there is maximum output from such an endeavor and with considerable input in question.

There is however a conflict of interest when it comes to the goals of these two groups as the public police may work with a clear conscience to help the citizens whereas the private usually work with the eventuality of making super-profits since for them it is a business like any other and the making of profit is the expected outcome of this. The spirit of competition though healthy for development, wouldn’t work in this case as there are no set policies that lay out the norms for these two groups and the damage vulnerable to such cases of rampant arrests and interrogations without prior considerations of the facts on the table are vast.

This would occur because there is no set body to determine whether those acting as private police in security industries have the professional qualification necessary to man the citizens without lots of errors occurring. The abilities of these two different groups can be drawn together to supplement their efforts and therefore improve their services to the citizenry. The delivery of services to the people would improve greatly.

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