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Please vote yes on the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR).

I support the premise that local and national government has to impose taxes upon its citizens in order to be able to fund national expenditure programmes. However I strongly advocate that all United States citizens should have the right to be consulted on all areas of taxation, including the level of increases, collection procedures and where taxation should or should not be levied.

Historically increases in the rate of both direct and indirect taxation have been imposed without sufficient consideration of how it will affect the disposable income and living standards of the citizens from whom it is collected. By capping such increases or linking it to a price or earnings indicator, the system would fairer and more palatable for the average taxpayer.

The collection procedure policies presently enforced by the IRS are both archaic and pay little regard to the rights or financial difficulties of the taxpayer. Nor does there appear to be any form of transparency and accountability of these policies. Present seizure policy and lack of negotiated settlements forces closures of businesses and bankruptcy of individuals. This results in less in a reduction of income generators and an increase in the cost of unemployment.

Property taxation has always been a disincentive for businesses. The proposed amendment to this area of taxation would assist in the country in attracting more investment; create greater profits, which would lead to higher levels of both employment and taxable incomes.

In my opinion the implementation of all of the above measures would not have an adverse affect upon the revenue collected from taxation. By addressing the issues in the manner described, the effect will be to encourage investment, increase disposable income on both a personal level and thus improve tax revenues.

I would therefore reiterate my request for you to support the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.



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State Senator Cathy Stepp 21st Senate District Republican Madison Office Room 7 South State Capitol P.O. Box 7882 Madison 53707-7882 mailto:[email protected]

Representative Mark R. Honadel 21st Assembly District Republican Madison Office Room 6 North State Capitol P.O. Box 8952 Madison 53708


Senator Russell Feingold 506 Hart Senate Office Building

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Representative Congressman F, James Sensenbrenner Jr

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