No To Immigration Amnesty

To better understand the relationship between immigration and amnesty, it is ideal to discuss the concept of amnesty first. Amnesty is a justice act that allows guilty men to be free from the clutches of prison in the position of innocent people. The long standing debate on the issue of amnesty began when President George Bush announced that “the new America” will give an amnesty for over 10 million illegal aliens living in the United States. The president and his administration argue that what they are giving the immigrants is not amnesty, but a lot of protests came because most Americans view it as such.

According to those who oppose it, it is wrong not to punish illegal aliens for violating the immigration law. Furthermore, they argue that it is not fair to give these illegal aliens the eligibility to apply for green cards and eventual citizenship without penalty even if their US employers will give them jobs. The administration’s proposal also eliminates the limitation on the number of foreigners wanting to work in the United States. According to the administration, the country will get a lot of benefits from the proposal to give amnesty to immigrants.

The proposal regarding the immigration amnesty is a way to de-americanize the United States. It is a good thing that America is becoming the melting pot of different cultures. The diversity in cultures can help Americans adapt to different kinds of people. Under this proposed amnesty, illegal aliens will be qualified to apply for a non-permanent worker status that can last up to six years. Though this, they can get all the citizen’s benefits including Social Security checks and having a driver’s license.

For the amnesty to be easily facilitated, the president asked the Congress to increase the number of legal green cards to be given to immigrants every year. Workers who were given amnesty could also apply for citizenship the way legal immigrants apply for it. They can also travel outside America and return with their families to reside in the US. If the proposal is approved by the Congress, there will be no limit on the number of immigrants that can work in the US. Anyone all over the world can find a job in the US and reside here.

Businesses in the US could also post their advertisements in the internet, and if no American gets those jobs, the employer has the right to accept foreigners. According to economists, there is a huge tendency for employers to hire foreigners than natives because foreigners are willing to accept lesser wages than the natives. This will result to a downward slope in the employment rate in US citizens. The proposal of the president also includes the extension of US’ Social Security System to illegal Mexicans.

Only if there is a “totalization” agreement can there is a possibility of the eligibility to the benefits of a citizen. This is according to the Social security Act. If the Congress agrees with it, and the right negotiations were made, the Social Security System will be added billions in entitlement obligations, considering That the said department in nearing revenue shortfalls. The Center for Immigration Studies stated that in the context of Mexicans, whether legal or illegal, under the president’s plan, the total expenditure for the US taxpayers will be over 1 billion dollars every year.

If countless illegal Asians, Mexicans, and other immigrants will be fully benefited by the Social Security System, the system could go up very fast. Due to the fact that the children of illegal immigrants, when born to the US, will automatically be US citizens, third world countries tend to use this idea to have an access to the benefits given only to American citizens. It is safe to note that most of the illegal immigrants in the US have tend to have very low levels of education. Illegal aliens earn low wages which is basically the same as the other low-skills workers in the country.

This means that these immigrants have the tendency to be poor and dependent. Moreover, there is also the issue of the family chain migration. Those who were initially granted the amnesty, and when he/she is eventually granted with the citizenship, he/she is also given the right to bring his/her wife/husband, children, and parents into the United States. Each of this people would, after five years or so of stay, will also have the right to apply for citizenship. Thus, each individual who is granted the amnesty could still bring more individuals to be a US citizen and therefore benefit from what the “real” citizens are experiencing.

The long standing debate regarding this issue is currently still going on the legal process. It may take a long time before the actual implementation of the proposal happens, and any decision that the Congress make will surely affects the lives of each and every American citizen. After the long standing discussion regarding the issue of immigration amnesty, questions continue to rise. It has been noted that in 1986, the United States first grant green cards to illegal immigrants, of which other amnesties followed.

Before this, the United States only granted immigration amnesty to special cases. I can personally say that what I am very disappointed with the action of President Bush giving amnesty to millions of illegal workers. First and foremost, I believe that America is indeed a nation of compassionate and hospitable people. But I also believe that America is also a nation of LAW. And as much as I don’t want to say it, these illegal immigrants have violated the law – our law. For that matter, they should be allowed to work in America, much more to become American citizens.

By this act, the government is legalizing those who violated the nation’s law. In this way, the government is rewarding those who violated the law instead of punishing them. Giving them these recognition and rights are not fair. Mr. Bush mentioned before that 18 million immigrants came to America in that great period of immigration, which made America one of the greatest countries in the world. But what he failed to mention is the fact that these 18 million people came LEGALLY to America. They spent their time and effort to learn our constitution and our language.

In that way, they earn the right to be recognized as American citizens, not like the illegal aliens that keeps on bombarding our country at this time. You have spoken that a lot of illegal aliens are oppressed, demoralized, abuse, and discriminated. If those things were true, it will do them good if they will come at our front door, and not sneaking behind our window. They should have asked for help in a legal way. The president mentioned that there was a lot who illegally entered the United States. Again, ILLEGALS. How many of them are possible terrorists?

How many of them are planning something against YOUR people? People whom you are sworn to protect. Like most of the American citizens, the President, I must say, is also tired of illegal immigration. But the thing is, there is still a better way to do that. We should not resort in giving them the amnesty they did not earn. Remember that we have the technology to monitor those that illegally enter our borders. We have used in against terrorists from the Middle East. It’s now time to apply use this to protect the people.

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