Legislation & Business

The Data Protection Act 1998 aims to regulate the use of data about individuals held in files (written records) or computers. This act prevents data to be passed around without permission to other people and other organisations. Naturally, if the data is about the person then this person can access the information. This act is mainly related to employees because employers must keep all employees written and computerised reports confidential. This is why employers need to keep all employee information secure and accurate.

Preston Manor uses the data protection act to look after student records and staff records secure and accurate and as confidential as possible this would be kept by the Human Resources department along with teacher records too, in result staff has to look after student data carefully. Primary research is often called field research which collects information directly or first-hand. The strengths of primary research are that everyone is asked the same question and it is easy to analyse the replies of questionnaires. It is easy to put into statistical graphs.

The limitations of primary research questionnaires are that they don't allow people to express their own opinions. They are brief and can be impersonal. The advantages of focus groups are: they are a relatively cheap way of finding out the views of customers, and customers are more likely to respond to these questionnaires than a postal questionnaire. However, the disadvantages of focus groups are that: customers own opinions may be changed by the opinions of other people I the group, it could pressure them not to give their own personal answer.

This will only be a small number of customers, who may not reflect to the views of the majority of customers. And it may be difficult to find customers who actually want to give up their time for focus groups (many customers have better things to do). . I could have used random sampling which gives everyone an equal chance of getting chosen, this gives a true sample of the chosen population. However, some members may not want to fill out questionnaires because they don't have time or they're not interested which can lead to dissatisfaction.

I could have also used secondary research, often called desk research, which looks at information already collected and published. So I could have looked at published reports of what parents and teachers thought of communication at Preston Manor rather than doing primary research myself. It is cheaper than primary research and can be instantly available to see. However, published reports may not contain all the information I need and can be out of date, which will lead to my answers not being accurate.