Laws in business

There are many laws that Businesses have to comply with Ethics is a body of principles or standards of human conduct that govern the behavior of individuals and groups. Ethics arise not simply from man's creation but from human nature itself making it a natural body of laws from which man's laws follow.  If a companys ethics is poor they are at a threat of getting poor publicity and ultimately loosing people that 'love' to shop with the company will not want to shop an QVC is a virtual shopping mall where customers can shop for quality merchandise 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 364 days a year via television, telephone or computer.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering unique and innovative products, which are unmatched in quality and value. To do this, we source product in the United Kingdom as well as every continent on the globe except Antarctica.

As a responsible corporate citizen of local, national, regional and global communities, QVC realises that it must not only maintain its own economic health and viability, but that it must also play a role in contributing to the social and economic development of those communities in which it operates. Knowing that Business can be a powerful agent of social change, we have developed a set of "Business Ethics Guidelines" to communicate our values and our expectations to the people with whom we do business.

Although we recognise that all countries do not necessarily share our ethical, legal or cultural values, we expect our business associates, both domestic and foreign, to use the same standards which we ourselves employ. These Guidelines will be used when selecting business associates, as well as any contractors, subcontractors and suppliers that our associates may choose to use. QVC will seek business associates who share our values and our commitment to the following principles:

Principle 1. Observance of Applicable Law QVC expects its business associates to observe and comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the United Kingdom as well as the laws and regulations of the country of origin, country of manufacture, and country of exportation of a product. QVC also expects its business associates to refrain from behaviour or practices, which, though not strictly illegal, are widely considered unethical. QVC values sincerity, candour, truthfulness, the keeping of promises and transparency in its business associates.

A. Conflict products – QVC neither supports nor condones the purchase or sale of so-called "conflict diamonds" or any other "conflict" product. QVC will not knowingly purchase or sell any product that originates from a group or a country, which supports or engages in illegal, inhumane or terrorist activities.

Fair employment practices QVC believes in the dignity and value of every employee. QVC seeks business associates who avoid discriminatory practices and who guarantee equal treatment and free association for all of their employees. Fair employment practices include:

A. Working Hours and Wages — Business associates must comply with all applicable wage and hour laws. Workers must be compensated for all hours worked at rates consistent with prevailing local industry standards. B. Workplace Health and Safety — QVC expects its business associates to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions for workers. Workplace conditions must comply with local health and safety industry regulations. Workers should not be exposed to hazardous conditions or materials without adequate training and protection.

C. Workers' Housing — Workers' housing, when provided, must meet the same standards as required for workplace health and safety. D. Prohibition of Child Labour — QVC will not do business with anyone who utilises child labour. QVC defines a child as any person younger than the age for completing compulsory education. E. Prohibition of Prison or Forced Labour — QVC will not do business with anyone who utilises prison labour, forced labour, indentured labour, or who uses corporal punishment or other forms of mental or physical duress to enforce discipline or production quotas.

Responsible Environmental Practices QVC believes that a business should protect, and where possible, improve the environment, promote sustainable development, and prevent the wasteful use of natural resources. We expect our business associates to comply with all current local environmental laws and regulations. Additionally, we encourage our business associates to promote responsible environmental practices.

QVC & The Environment

QVC understands the vital importance of looking after our environment, and the company is compliant with current UK and European packaging waste directives concerning the volume of waste packaging recovered and recycled. The QVC business is continually researching the application of environmentally friendly types of packaging, seeking out ever more ecologically beneficial materials that meet the stringent packaging requirements we enforce to ensure the safe delivery of QVC products.