Import and Export laws

These laws are administered by the United States Customs Service and regulate entry of goods in the country, entry procedures and penalties. The entry procedures examination of goods, import quotas and restrictions are strictly adhered to. False information to the U. S. customs on imported Merchandise is considered a criminal offence. Export licensing involves political issues (foreign policy, national security, shortages, nuclear proliferation, weapons or terrorist concerns). The Pounder Company is expected to follow these laws, if it exports or imports goods.

The U. S. commerce Department will issue the licensing. The U. S. prohibits exports to certain countries without a license; Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Afghanistan. Implications of Exporting Exportation of commodities in the U. S markets follows strictly to the stipulated laws and regulations. The bicycle products need to meet the admissibility requirements, failure to which the product may be rejected from introduction in the market. All products are expected to protect the public health and safety.

The company will need to give accurate and correct details about their bicycle product where false information is considered to be a criminal offence. The bicycle brands that the company is planning to introduce in the market are safe and protect public health . In the past, the company has maintained a good reputation and will continue to be transparent about its products for good business relationships. External and Internal Risks The company will face stiff competition from other companies, both local and foreign which have their brands in the same market.

The global environment changes may slow down the US economy, creating a revenue growth threat to the company. Political instability in the country will affect the economy growth which will be a risk to the company. Internal risks will involve poor management of funds in addition tom liability and liquidity risks. Marketing Strategy. To succeed in the U. S market, the company has developed a business plan that protects the company’s existing market, profits and sales as well as to increase the future profits and sales.

This will allow the company to easily introduce bicycles that are of high standards and cost-effective to the customers. Sports and Bicycle Industry Review Sport cycling has been growing in the U. S and continues to grow due to the increasing demand of the bicycles. Sports are important as one form of recreation in the US and this has encouraged increased use of the bicycles for use in sports. The company by selling bicycles designed for sports will be increasing its profits and sales in the market and broadening it’s market.