Immigration Officer

I. The one responsible for the control of the entrance and admission of people from the other country are the Immigration Officers and are also the one who manages the granting of visas and oversees the applications for residency in accordance to the policies and laws of immigration.

The immigration officers have their aims in their chosen job career which is making the control of immigration to a high-quality while being a non-discriminatory officer and are  according to and under the law of immigration, standards of services, and the obligations of the country they are working for on the international aspects. In addition to this, immigration officers also have an obligation to the changes in needs of the economy (CIC). B. Some facts about immigration officers.

The immigration officers, especially the staffs on the passport control have the responsibility for the examination and the assessment of all the passengers which will be admitted to enter the country through in any way of entering the country; seaports, airports, and even in through the Channel Tunnel. 2. The immigration officers have the right to examine the documentations, gather intelligence and if necessary, had the right to use legal powers in detaining or removing individuals which will enter the country. II.

The tasks and duties of an immigration officer includes the following; providing information about the policies and measures in accordance to the law of immigration, answering enquiries written or through the telephones, reading, checking, and decision on whether to accept or not the applications of passengers for residency and the entrance to the country, interviewing applicants, the issuance of permits and visas, enforcing the law of immigration, evaluate the possible risks of immigration, investigation of violations on the immigration laws, and the giving information about the policies and operation involve in the immigration (Prospects).

A. There are tasks and duties of an immigration officer which they can do some or all of them. 1. The examination of passports and the recognition of forged documents require regular observation and understanding of the techniques that were used in forging documentations. 2. During the personal interviews of applicants and immigrants, the immigration officers might asks or use the help of interpreters if needed. 3. The immigration officer applies the rules and policies of the immigration law.

The making of decision whether to accept the passengers or to be refused is a responsibility of the immigration officers. 5. For cases of of denied entry to the country, the immigration officer decides if the applicant must be placed somewhere to stay momentarily in the country while making some proper agreements. B. Working conditions may vary according to the difficulties or complications of cases to be held. The immigration officers of a certain country can work on the country’s embassies and can be a representative on the overseas or the international airports.

1. The minimum number of working hours per week of an immigration officer is 36 hours; shifting is involved in the work time of immigration officers which includes night shifts, weekends, and public holidays which is necessary in providing 24-hour coverage for nearly all ports. 2. Most of the ports are very busy which makes the work stressful for the immigration officers; they can be transferred to any ports in accordance to the needs of that particular port.

Communication through the use of computer or phone is a must in order to communicate with different agencies like intelligence, police, and also the computer can be used in organizing surveillance. C. Applicant for an immigration officer position must have skills and knowledge needed to suit the job description. 1. There is a minimum requirement on educational attainment for an applicant to be an immigration officer. a. Must have standard on English language with at least a grade of C or higher. b. Secondary education having subjects such as English and Geography can be helpful. c.

Other related courses such as placement overseas are considerable. d. Degree on legal studies, business involving languages, accounting and finance maybe useful. 2. There are some personal qualifications needed before qualifying in an immigration officer. a. Applicants must have knowledge on the policies and official measurements or procedures of the laws of immigration, b. Must have also knowledge of the Human Rights Act and must possess an understanding of different cultures, c. Must have good skills in communication and interviewing and must have skills in researching and analyzing.

The salary of an immigration officer varies depending on the ports, work time, and other aspects. 1. The beginning salary of an immigration officer ranges from $28,000 to $35,000 annually (Services). 2. The top salary range for an experienced immigration officer ranges from $30,000 to $43,000 per year  (Services). 3. The salary of an immigration officer was based on the scales of the Civil Service Recruitment Gateway and additional payments for the following: a. There is a 16. 5% allowance due to changing shifts and transfer to other location  (Prospects). b. An extra payments were given for weekends and other public holidays.

E. Immigration officer is a good paying job and continues to increase giving more job opportunities. 1. Since 1998, there is an increase in the arrivals of visitors from overseas which had reached to a number of 2 million during 2002 (Services). 2. The number of applications for citizenship has doubled since 1990 from around 13,000 reaching a number of 29,000 during 1999 (Services). 3. The increase of people arriving and being a resident of the country results to an increase of workload. F. There are three reasons to show how I feel about this career now that my knowledge of an immigration officer job had increased.

1. There is a good opportunity for this job. 2. The career is a good paying job; the salary is high. 3. There is an expected increase in the number of occupations for this position for the next few years due to the increasing workloads. III. Being an immigration officer can be both stressful and fulfilling. A. Due to work load at those very busy ports can create a stressful working environment. B. The job position is fulfilling for those who had interest in this kind of work and also having this high paying job is a fulfillment.


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