Illegal immigration into the USA

Another strategy that the government has currently engaged in the diplomatic approach whereby the government is encouraging greater participation in the immigration debate particularly from its neighbor, Mexico, which is seen as the leading source of illegal immigration into the USA. There are those who are of the opinion that the legal structures in Mexico are at best inept and full of corruption something, which has led to continuous inefficiency and ineffectiveness in border security programs involving both countries.

This has led the USA to take charge of border patrols and on top of maintaining border patrol agents adding national guards as reinforcement to border surveillance. This lack of commitment by the Mexican government to address illegal immigration as at times threatened to worsen diplomatic ties between USA and Mexico and is one of the leading motivation behind President Bush administration authorization of comprehensive immigration reforms.

In addition to the legislations, the administration has been more than willing to double funding committed to border security as well as increasing the number of officers serving around the borders. Notably, the Secure Fence Act has been seen as one of the most dramatic legislations towards resolving the illegal immigration problem. Other efforts have seen the administration streamline the visa application process specifically to deal with the problem of documentation fraud, which has persistently impeded efforts to secure the American borders.

As mentioned above, the administration has also come up with friendly work programs for legal foreign immigrants although it is correct to say that reforms so far targeting the resolution of the immigration problem have disproportionately revolved around the homeland security department more than any other department of the government.

In conclusion, whether immigration reforms currently in place or in process of implementation succeeds, depends on how well the administration taps into the strength of multi-sectoral approach whereby efforts to fight illegal immigration would include; media campaigns, involvement of foreign governments, as well as streamlining of citizenship application process.


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