Health Care and Lawsuits

Lawsuits are made most of the time when a law was either violated or maybe because there was a need to threaten a person. In brainy quote. com, a lawsuit pertains to any legal proceeding in a court wherein there is a call for enforcement of a claim (brainy quote. com, n. pag. ). The question whether lawsuits are the only means for which manufacturers and professionals could be held liable or would take responsibility with their actions so that companies will be forced to improve safety measures, could be answered easily.

For a consumer, it is quite right to file a lawsuit to a company who doesn’t have any safety measures or who does not impose such measures either for their employees of their customers. Regarding health care, it is true that having a universal one would mean of a huge amount of money. At the same time, employers and even employees will choose to take no health insurance anymore since it means a lot of money.

Hospital on the other hand would also be affected because there will be lesser amount of patients who have health insurance. The idea of having further developments regarding these issues are all causing too much money to the people and the citizens. Having lawsuits would mean of spending money but it is somehow needed to impose such measures like a health insurance.

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