Health and Safety At Work Act

The 147 Club is a snooker club in Huntingdon St. Benedict Court, which is a stone throw away from the high street. Waitrose owns the building where the club is situated and the club has to floors. It's a place where people go to play and enjoy themselves in their leisure time. The 147 Club has in total 13 snooker tables and 2 pool tables. It also has a licensed bar and has several fruit machines. The club holds tournaments once a month for youngsters and another for the older more advanced players. Also there are members who are guaranteed to get a table and have lockers at the club.

Tower Fields HUNTINGDON Cambridgeshire PE29 7EG Tel: 01480 412 252 Fax: 01480 456 946 LA fitness is in a business park just on the outskirts of Huntingdon. On the park there is also MacDonald's, KFC, Cine world cinema etc. The LA is a member only fitness club for over eighteens Activities there vary from swimming, gym, sauna, tanning, dance studios and many more. Membership is expensive but is worth it. It's said to be around nine hundred pounds a year but a member is allowed to bring a guest with them free of charge.

Both organisations have CCTV around their buildings inside and out with the 147 Club has some cameras hidden. The 147 Club has better measures because if anything was to happen they have more equipment to investigate because of the more cameras they have. Full description of the security measures used in the 147 Club and LA fitness. Violence to staff and visitors (147 Club) CCTV identifies violence to staff and visitors. Around the facilities and outside the building, some cameras are hidden.

Violence to staff and visitors (la fitness) CCTV cameras are well placed outside and inside the fitness club to identify any violence to staff and visitors. Theft of property and money (147 Club) CCTV cameras are in places around the Club. There is a hidden one behind the bar incase any money is stolen from the cash register. For Club members there are lockers to keep your pool and snooker cue's if they want. Theft of property and money (la fitness) The Club reckons its safe for this because there are CCTV cameras inside and outside.

As for your clothes etc you have a locker to put these in when you're working out they recommend padlocking your locker they provide padlocks if you don't you're your own. Fraud (147 Club) The Club doesn't have any problem's with fraud usually except maybe checks so all cheques need cheque guarantee card for the Club to accept them but mainly members pay by check so that's ok. Fraud (la fitness) Incase of suspicion fraud employees have to notify the club manager then the manager will contact head office, as this may affect the whole LA fitness chain.

The club manager will then know how to deal with the incident with a great deal of help with the head office Sabotage (147 Club) The 147 has never in counted any sabotage risks to their knowledge, so their don't really know how to prevent the risk but if need be they contact their partners` and sort the case out. Sabotage (la fitness) If there is sabotage the club manager has to notify the LA fitness head office and follow their instructions as this may affect the whole LA fitness chain. Accidental damage (147 club) Cameras around the building will catch the damage being done

Accidental damage (la fitness) Cameras around the building will catch the damage being done Theft of information (147 club) CCTV cameras will detect if there is theft of information Theft of information (la fitness) CCTV cameras will detect if there is theft of information A logical well-structured analysis of the health, safety and security measures in the 147 Club and the LA fitness Club. The 147 Club does not have any rival companies in Huntington, but still need have high standards. Their staff are trained to ensure safety at the work place.

My group and I found the 17 Club with not a lot of risks around this is also because it is a small building. And have done a lot of work to avoid accidents. At the 147 for example the worst risk here was the disinfectant on the bar area and even this being the worst because if a customer was to drink disinfectant there is only one possible outcome this could be death. They have the disinfectant in a well-labelled bottle but this really is nothing to stop the risk the bottle should be nowhere near the bar area the club should have a cabinet to store all the harmful chemicals in the club

Alcohol consumption with stairs in the facility the risk is substantial because after a few drinks a customer could fall on the stairs and cause injury to themselves. The club has tried to stop this by having small, gradual stairs this is ok because there isn't much else you could do about the problem. Cues not in rack this is a trivial risk the cues were on the games room floor when we went on the visit someone could trip on the cue and this may cause injury. The possibility of this happening is next to nil but it's still possible this could happen.

The club has racks but customers don't always use the racks. The 147 have done bough they could to try stop the problem but they can put up make it rule and put up signs to remind customers the racks are there to be used. Barrels not in storage room someone might fall over the barrel and this can cause injury. This is a moderate risk. The 147 club should have a bigger storage room and stop the risk completely. This is one of the blatant risk and easy to solve like i have mentioned. They did not handle this well all they tried to do was put the barrels in a corner; this did not help at all.

Low table lights people bang their heads on the light shade. There is a rule in snooker that says lights have to be a certain height because the table has to be nicely lit. The best think they could do is put up 'mind your head' signs. The LA fitness The LA fitness have special training for their staff as its a national if not an international company so they would not want for example one of their members being injured and causing a media frenzy about their safety measures because this way they would have a bad image/ reputation this will cause a loss of business, and profits.

Water by the pool this might result in someone tripping over and in the worst case falling and drowning in the pool. This is an intolerable risk because it could be fatal. The fitness club has ridges by the pool side these are to prevent slipping. Maybe the club can have staff dry the pool side at interval times sauna there is a possibility of dehydration (if someone falls asleep inside one that is) the club has staff to remove you when your time is up if you ask. This is not enough at all the club should have a timer inside the sauna to let you know how long you've been inside also they should install a panic alarm.

Weights not on stand member or staff might drop the weights on the feet when they go to lift from te floor or even hurt their back. This is a substantial risk. The LA fitness have a stand but that's about it they should make it a rule to no put weights back on stand after use. Staff not in gym area this is a serious risk because if there was an emergency and there was no staff around to assist if it could be dangerous maybe even fatal. They should most definitely have a member of staff in the gym area at all times.