Group Finances targets

This is the finance department of TOPMAN and it is based in the London store and focuses on coordinating budgets, plans and forecasts. The team also takes responsibility for the production of weekly and monthly trading reports. Also like any other business the finance department of TOPMAN keeps track of all the revenue going in and coming out of TOPMAN's account, the finance department of TOPMAN helps achieve there seasonal targets by providing the store managers with daily, weekly and monthly sales throughout the day so that the managers know whether or not they have met the targets that have been set.

Accounting Centre The Accounting Centre is based in the Leeds store and is responsible for the production of financial and management accounts for all of the Brands and head office. All of the transaction processing activities are undertaken here activities that include payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, stock accounting, credit control, statutory accounting and data services.

The accounting department for TOPMAN is important because it helps in the overall running of TOPMAN, without this department TOPMAN would have no organization of its main accounts, they would not know who they owned money to or who they needed to receive money off so the accounting department is one of the main department that operates in TOPMAN. Tax and Treasury The Tax and Treasury department is based in the London store and is responsible for day-to-day cash flow, foreign exchange, taxation, insurance and VAT.

There is also a small Tax and Treasury team based at TOPMAN's Leeds offices. The Tax and Treasury team also provides an internal tax consultancy service to ensure that TOPMAN is operating in a tax efficient way. TOPMAN also has a specialist V. A. T and insurance team that also provide a service to store making sure that that they are operating efficiently. The Tax and Treasury department is important to TOPMAN because without it TOPMAN could loose a major percentage of its profit to taxation, this department helps TOPMAN to operate in a tax efficient way.

Audit and Loss This department consists of a loss prevention team who are brand aligned and provide support for all control, risk and loss management at store level, working closely with the retail operations and Branch Managers. The loss prevention team is supported by a specialist fraud investigation department, which uses data mining techniques via the company's retail systems. This department specializes in the prevention of loosing profit due to fraud by both customers and staff.

TOPMAN has seasonal audits, these audits consist of the TOPMAN staff scanning every item of clothing on the TOPMAN sales floor and in the TOPMAN stockroom, then the overall number is compared to the results the head office computer gives out, if the overall number is lower than the number the head office computer reports it should be then that store has lost stock (though fraud), a percentage will be given to every store and the lower the percentage the better. Information systems

The TOPMAN Information Systems department is a centralised function providing IT services to all of the TOPMAN stores, developing and operating the systems for the stores and includes a data centre, help desk, application management and application development teams. This department managers all of the computers in all TOPMAN stores whether it's the administration computers or the tills, without this department the running of TOPMAN's transactions would be impossible. International Franchise Management

The international team manages the relationships TOPMAN has with their overseas brand franchises as well as running the directly owned concession business in Germany. There are currently over 340 TOPMAN branches in 23 countries ranging from Iceland to Singapore. International is an exciting and rapidly growing area of the business with further expansion planned in, amongst others, Spain, Sweden and the Middle East. The international team is responsible for maintaining brand integrity, product merchandising and visual proposition in these stores.

The international Franchise Management department helps TOPMAN to achieve a better market share by expanding TOPMAN to other countries all over the world by 2009 TOPMAN will have branches all over the world. Property and store development The Property function is responsible for the management of TOPMAN's property portfolio, facilitating the acquisition and disposal of the Group's Retail and head office estate. The team is also responsible for brand outlet strategy covering location planning, size of store and number of outlets in the UK.

Estate Services, which is based in London is responsible for all aspects of Estate Management, including rent reviews, services management, building services and retail maintenance. Store Development is responsible for the outfitting of the retail network of stores from concept design to the project implementation of new build and modernisation programmes for TOPMAN. The property and store development department teams up with the international franchise management department and they help TOPMAN's market share to grow.

Facilities The Facilities department is responsible for the working environment and support services to all of TOPMAN's stores. Specific services include: site maintenance, receptionists, cleaning, catering, vending, porterage, security, help desk, photocopies and faxes. This department may also be know in other businesses as the administration department but in TOPMAN this department is called the facilities department or back of house. Logistics and Supply Chain

The Logistics and Supply Chain central operation is based in TOPMAN's London store and is responsible for the inbound delivery of all products from there suppliers world-wide to UK Distribution Centres and delivery to stores at home and internationally via an outsourced logistics company. Without the logistics and supply chain department TOPMAN would not receive its products therefore resulting in loss of sales due to no product. Customer Sales and Services

The customer sale and services department is based in TOPMAN's London store and it responds to all customer communications, requests from stores for product search and home shopping sales/enquiry calls. The team deals with any customer queries and complaints to do with TOPMAN which are received via e-mail, telephone and written confirmation. They also provide the retail branch network with a 'Searchline' service. This enables them to identify the stock available within TOPMAN's warehouses and arrange for the allocation of stock as required.

Having this department TOPMAN can gain more customers because is a certain store doesn't have a certain size then using this department TOPMAN staff can order the product in for the customer, therefore the customer has received good customer service and will hopefully pass on by word of mouth the efficiency of TOPMAN's product range and service. Public Relations and Special Events The Public Relations and Special Events department is responsible for ensuring that TOPMAN gains maximum positive exposure in the fashion pages of the national and regional press and in the fashion 'glossies'.

The Special Events team organises numerous key events throughout the year, including fashion roadshows, new store openings and charity events, doing this ensure that TOPMAN is getting the maximum expose it needs to gain more customers, with more customers comes more profit. Purchasing The purchasing department is based in both TOPMAN's London and Leeds stores so, is responsible for all non-trade procurement across TOPMAN to ensure TOPMAN gets best value from its suppliers.

Visual Operations design and purchase all printed matter for the brands, including window graphics, carrier bags and promotional material. TOPMAN have a dedicated in-house design studio, which provides artwork for all the company's head office support functions. It also provides support to the dedicated Brand design teams when they need additional help. This department helps entice more customers into TOPMAN stores by providing visual window graphics to invite customers in store.