Finance department US

This department has a major task they must choose the right employees for the future success. They can recruit new employees, may it be from a hiring firm or just promoting from inside the business. People like to hire from out side the firm because they may bring fresh ides an enthusiasm. Also businesses would rather keep older more experienced and highly trained employees, then get a new employee and re-train them. But also they are going to need to dismiss employees that can't carry out there jobs properly. But it is more often that people are made redundant because there services aren't needed anymore.

All employees are entitled to a fair condition to work in. That is why it is important to provide good working conditions for the workers. The working area effects how well the workers work. The working conditions include the warmth and cleanliness of the area, the provision of rest areas and leisure facilities, and hours of work and holiday entitlement. The working conditions are normally negotiable between the trade unions and human resource departments.

It is also that department that is in control of the training, developing and promoting of employees. They can use different techniques to provide the workers with the necessary skills. They train employees at the workplace or through courses at local colleges or training centres. They may just plan jobs for the employees so it's more of a practical way of them gaining skills needed.

It is also the job of this department to make sure that they bide by the health and safety acts requirements. This means that it is there job to look after the area in which the people work in and this means giving the workers a sense of security and comfort. 
It is very important for businesses to record all the financial matters because with out that information hey would be able to find out if the business is making a profit or find out how much tax you're going to pay. 

It is also important they prepare accounts because Boots is a public limited company they are legally obliged to publish accounts of the business like there balance sheets which states how much the owns and owes, and also the profit and loss account which states exactly how much money they have made in the period of one year. The records aren't just needed for legal reason but for different people for different reasons for example the suppliers, they would need to know if Boots can pay them back.

It is also up to the finance department to give the employees there wages. It isn't that easy because they need to work the wages and they need to deduct income tax and national insurance from there pay. They may need to operate a pension scheme for there employees. Buy they need to keep an accurate record of wages and salaries because they would need that for the profit and loss account.

It is also there job to make sure that they have ways of obtaining capital so they can spend it on developing the business or starting it. They can get capital from borrowing off other businesses or banks or they could retain profit, which is keeping money on the side from profit you have got from previous years.

The finance department has a crucial role in the business. The finance department is the people who place orders and pays bills on behalf of the other departments. They advise other areas of the business as to the amount of money available to them. Also because of all this knowledge they have on the business in terms of finance, they help senior managers to make major decisions.

3. Administration 

The administration department within Boots's purpose is to provide support to other departments within the business. But all administration departments are the same; in small businesses the department may only be responsible for individual departments like human resources and finance. The administration departments may be different but they all rely heavily on computers or IT. The activities of this department are: