Diversity and Employment Law

Several legal laws and regulations exist that are to be adhered to in order to avoid discrimination at workplaces. These are: employment laws this gives the way forward on how to pay workers, the time of working, grievances, dismissal, flexibility of job just to mention but a few. Discrimination laws which show the legislation that cover the employees from being discriminated in the work place. All the employees and the employers have to be aware of the Employment laws.

Employment laws generally cover the following areas: Time of Working – it shows the rules related to duration of the working time and how they are used in different fields. Grievances – it shows how we can address employee’s grievances at the work places without victimizing them. Dismissal and Discipline – it gives the employer guidance on how to dismiss there employees, under what circumstances are they to dismiss their employees and how to compensating them (employees). Payment of employees- it shows the least wages that should be paid to employees and it also stipulate on the mode of payment of workers.

Lastly employment law also shows the options of flexibility of Working- this shows the legal rights of the employees (of the workers) to a flexible pattern of working for example full time, paternal leave, maternal leave and part time working. . (John eta’l 2004 page 34). Effectiveness at United States Steel Corporations United States Steel Corporation has developed a good relation with the worker. The Workers have been allowed them to start their Union. The Union addresses the plight facing the workers with the management.

This has contributed significantly to the good relation ship that exists between the management of the United Steel Corporation and their workers. The company also adheres strictly to the employment laws of United States; this has ended up creating a good relation between the company and the employees. (United Steel Corporation report 2007 page 18) How employees relations, business ethics, diversity and employment law are important to United States Steels bottom line Failure of practicing ethical business practices has seen many big corporate to fail in US.

A business that has ethical values normally makes a lot of profit; this makes the business to be a good contributor to the well being of the society. By applying business ethics, makes sense to the employees and to the business associates because they will also adopt that ethical behavior. The company is also rewarded with the increase in loyalty fro their consumers and their suppliers. Given that the employees are being treated with a lot of ethics they will also treat the customer with a lot of ethics.

Hence to make a huge profit while considering the workers at the same time the company should practice a good business ethics. (Shaw. 2005 page 24) The relationship between the employer and the employee has several advantages these are: It will boost the moral of the employees, given that the problem facing employees are addressed. Increase in moral of employees will increase the production the steel will also be of good quality. Employees relation also helps in reducing the wastage in the company given that the employees have a feeling that their demands are met they will always use the available resources well.

This will also result in low cost of production. (Shaw. 2005 page 25) Diversity and employment laws are important are important in that they give guidance on how employees can be dismissed and the grounds on which they can be dismissed, it also stipulate the rights of both the employer and the employee, the laws is also important because it stipulate the different mechanisms for handling grievances amongst the employees, the working time of the employees and the duration of working is also clearly stipulated.(Shaw. 2005 page 25) .


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