Criminology deviance and abnormal behaviors

When the violation of social norms occurs you most likely are experiencing deviant behaviors. These forms of behaviors have been also considered abnormal in some cases. What is crime to you? Rape, murder, burglary; all have been considered deviant forms of behaviors by society. Although, taking it into consideration what might seem as corruptive to some might not be to others. Sometimes deviance and abnormalities do not coordinate. “Some forms of deviance are not violations of the criminal laws, and the reverse is equally true.” (Criminology Today, Page, 5) Although, here in the United States of America the legal age for consuming alcoholic beverages would be 21, in places like Europe, and South America it is legal to drink at 18. This of course, would be seen in America as wrongful and deviant, but it is not against the criminal law in other parts of the world. There are also some behaviors though which people would not see those as deviant are still considered against the law. Prostitution, is known to be almost uniformly illegal in United States, yet, certain parts of Nevada approve of this behavior. They believe that as long as those engaged abide by the states laws of being protected and getting medical checkups weekly, it could be allowed. Now, most would view this behavior extremely deviant, but licensed brothels in Nevada do not. Same-sex marriages, seems to be the topic of the year.

So far only thirteen states have made it legal to marry someone of your same sex. California (by court), Delaware, Minnesota, Rhode Island (by state), and Maryland (by popular vote) have all this year made it possible for gay couples to openly “tie the knot.” In contrast, thirty- five states still disagree with same-sex marriages. Another good topic to bring up is legalization of Marijuana, this year Illinois and New Hampshire have legalized the use of the drug. That makes twenty states in the United States of America which see marijuana as nothing more than a recreational drug or medical treatment. “According to the new directive, federal authorities still will prosecute individuals or entities involved in: The distribution of marijuana to minors, directing revenue from marijuana sales to gangs and cartels, diverting marijuana from states where it is legal to other states where there are no laws allowing for marijuana use, using legal sales as cover for trafficking operations, using violence and or firearms in marijuana cultivation and distribution, driving under the influence of marijuana, growing marijuana on public lands, possessing marijuana or using on federal property.” With legalization of such a drug comes, responsibilities and though these “guidelines” have been set, in all the other states the use of marijuana still is a heated and illegal.