Concern at illegal immigration

Migration is a process in which people migrate from their native country to another country in search of jobs, better lives or just to unite with their family members. Migration have became so common the reason being ease in traveling, most people in 3rd world countries or underdeveloped countries migrate to countries like Australia, America and Europe. They migrate in search of better education and after completing their studies they find a suitable job after which they marry a native girl of the country they have migrated to or else marry in their homeland and eventually the girl migrates too.

Sometimes educated people migrate to more developed countries in search of better jobs and higher living standards. Instead of serving their native country they migrate and serve in offices of other nations this migration is also known as the “brain drain”. The process of migration is a very old phenomenon but from the past 30 years people have migrated in millions. They have send money to their parents who were in the homeland but after the death of parents they have no connection from the native land. They have established families; their children are citizens of the country they migrated too.

Thus every developed country has a mixed society there are several races living together an example of this can be that every American state has a Muslim and Indian minority. History of Migration In early days when migration was not a common phenomena its effects were not prominent but with time as this criteria of young generation migrating has gone beyond control its effects have became visible. In the beginning migration was favorable to for the land the person migrated too and from the land the person migrated.

The native land had the benefit of earning some foreign exchange in the form of money send by the immigrant to his family. While the land to which the person has migrated had the benefit of getting cheap labor force. With the increase in migration these benefits turned out to be disastrous for the society in both the countries as the native country soon felt the lack of labor with potential, skill and education. While the country to which these immigrants were going got populated and the places with vacancies had no jobs to accommodate the large number of migrants.

Thus the immigrants had to do lower level jobs even with qualifications for a much better job. This increased poverty, cities with more opportunities got overcrowded, the increase in labor led to an overall decrease in pay scales. Other then that cultures amongst cultres created social imbalance now people celeberate all kinds of festivals like Eid, Diwali to name a few. These problems have occurred not because of legal immigrants but with legal immigrants come in illegal immigrants.

These illegal immigrants are the root cause of major crises in developed countries as they have no jobs and no homes. Illegal immigrants are mostly found in Canada, Europe, Australia and America. United States Immigrants Policy America’s immigration policy is based on three sections and annually a Quota of immigration visas are released under every section. The first scion is the family sponsored section in which the family who is already living in United States can sponsor their family members in native town. Up to 480,000 visas are released under this category.

Then there are employments based immigration in which visa is issued based on employment they can be priority workers such as professors and researchers; executives and managers of multinational corporations; etc. then there are skilled workers, Professionals with advanced degrees, special ministers of religion, investors. Up to 140,000 visas issues in this category. The last subsection in which up to 55,000 visas were released is section which is deduced to promote diversity. This section issues visas to people living in countries that are not currently the principal sources of immigration to the United States.