“Client Advocacy” The Authority of Finances

            The issue of financial resource is an inevitable matter when dealing with organizations.  For a certain corporation to operate efficiently and effectively, it must be capable of dealing with real-life circumstances in the verge of technology and the era of globalization, limited finances will not be able to survive.  Client advocacy for one is an act that needs the participation of both the client and its market, without the necessary materials, connections and operational procedures, it is impossible to communicate and transact business (Williams, 2009).  In the light, the most vital function when dealing with groups of individuals are materials, mediums and channels for communication; and all these require monetary source.

            Consequently, productivity improvement in service organizations is of major concern to managers as one way of countering escalating costs (Fessler, 2008). In a scenario where the client and customer are directly involved in the production, function—improved performance can be secured by viewing the proposition of the purpose.  The deontology of the value of a dollar may defy the above-mentioned statement, however, the reality boils down to how services are obtained with the help of funds. It can go around just about anything to get things done.

Hence, one should also consider the power of wit and public relations when dealing with conflict resolutions and in drafting policies for change (Fessler, 2008).  Even though services are easily obtained with the help of manpower and recruitment, efficient managers need to be equipped with the proper managerial skills so as to have well-organized delegations and avoid committing mistakes that involve poor decision-making (Williams, 2009). Personal interface creates a dimension that enables the producer and the consumer to facilitate through the whole process of the business in a well-managed stochastic process. Finances may not be everything, but it sure helps making things done easier and faster.


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