Business purposes & Newspaper

Website – If you'd rather a much easier way to apply for a job at Tesco you should consider visiting the Tesco site, as mentioned above it's really a much easier option and rather beneficial if you're feeling too cold to go outside to a Tesco branch. On the site you will be given full details of the job available where it will tell you where you need to go, the working hours and the salary you will be earning, and anything else you really need to know about the certain job.

By using this method of appliance the employers themselves will automatically receive your personal details and anything else they need to know about you to be employed. Another advantage that can be considered is that you don't need to communicate with them personally as it's unsure whether the application form is passed through the HR department, this means the only time you need to communicate personally is if you are called up for an interview where you should be ready and prepared to make an impression. Personally I think this way of applying is quite easy but I think it shows that it's less interesting than other methods.

Newspaper – Newspapers aren't really a way of applying for a Tesco due to obvious reasons but they do give big companies like Tesco the opportunity to advertise any job vacancies going at certain Tesco branches. The steps you need to follow within this method is to read the advertisement fully with good understanding of it and then you may follow with any other way of applying which are listed above. The advert will have the contact details and it will tell you how to get there so this shouldn't be a problem.

Job Agency – If you decide to apply through a job agency you would go through the same process as going to a job centre which is good but the downside to this option is that you wouldn't be given specified information about the job and you wouldn't be talked through it specifically as you would be at a job centre. Also you won't be regarded as someone special, you'd just be another candidate like any other person, as you are collecting you're resources from somewhere anyone else is able to as well. Word Of Mouth – This method can work very well in your advantage if you are able to take it well.

Normally you would be mentioned about the job through a friend, a friend that knows the employer very well or someone who works for the employer. If you show a good interest for working at Tesco you're friend may decide to be really helpful and put in a good word for you to the employer. Although the employer may not take it as something he really needs to see he would have it on his mind that someone has put in a good word for you and automatically the employer would take a closer look at you, you're job is to prove you are everything your friend has said about you and also you can be better.