Business losing

Applicants are able to apply online as well as give their details to the store because some applicants live further away and they are not able to come and hand in their CV in person. If the cvs and details of the applicants are sent online then there is a less likely chance of the business losing the CV and they have more of a chance of getting a reply back because it is on the computer. The is a shortlist made of the applicants that have applied form the job by looking at the cv and what qualifications they have to see if they are the person for the job and if they have had any experience.

They get rid of the cvs of those applicants that will not be picked for the job and they keep the cvs of those that have a chance of getting the job . these applicants are contacted so they can come and give an interview. They do not go onto the interview straight away because there will be too many candidates to interview and it will be difficult for the interviewer to choose the right person. They are first assessed.

The reason why they are assessed to see their ability and if they will be able to carry out the job. They are tested to see if they have the management skills that a deputy manager should have they are put into a difficult situation the things that they will do to fix it, they show their skills to the person that is assessing them. Some of the candidates are then cut down so there are at least 10 candidates that can be put the through to the interview.

There is an interview because the candidates need to be asked questions so that they can show the interviewer that they will carry out the job in the right manner. They need to show their confiodence, the types of questions that they will be asked are things that are related to the business and may be given a scenario and asked what they would do in that situation so that the interviewer is certain that the candidate that they will pick can resolve problems and has no difficulty in communicating with other employees so that they can be efficient.

Finally after the interview those employees that are picked will be told that they got the job and they will be given the time in which they should come to the work place so they can discuss things further and they can look at the contract of employment for that job. They will be told the dates for when they start on have details on what is required by them when they start.

If the procedures aren't followed then it will take them even longer for the business to get someone selected because there will not be any specific details for the customers to look at so they know if they are the suitable person for the job. The business might end up with someone that does not know much about the job and it will be difficult for them to get their work done. If there are no advertisements placed and the business wait for someone to come then they will be waiting for a long time.

If the procedure of short listing is not followed and the applicants are all the people that applied for the job come to be assessed then this will take a long time with no shortlist then it will take a long time and the person that is picking the people that have the interview they may forget and it will be more difficult for them to pick people out of all those people. If the procedure of the interview does not take place then when the applicant works as the deputy manger they may struggle and by going through an interview they can make sure that the person that they pick will not struggle.

When new employees start work they need to be trained because they have to know what they are doing or they would end up doing it wrong and cause problems. Especially if the business has recruited employees that have no experience in using tills than they would need to be trained for that. The employees have to be set targets to see how they are getting on and what they have learnt so far. They are monitored by the employer to see if they are having any problems so the employer can work with them and they can improve.

If the employees have reached the targets that they have been set then they can work towards the new targets that are set so that the employer is satisfied that the new employee is doing well and they may even get a chance of moving up. The employees have to get used to the working environment and they have to be at a good standard until the employer notes them of when they will be starting. If the employer just lets the employees get on the employer will not know if the employee is doing well and if they are having problems the employee may not mention it because they are scared they may lose the job.