Benefits of Stakeholders by E-Commerce in the Amazon Company

The site lay out of the website is also user friendly and it takes no time to find where one wants to go unlike the complicated sites which are hard to browse. It offers the customer to personalize by offering a shopping cart just like an actual shopping mall to create a sense of personalization. They have many products and services and “different categories of all their items. They also have the option to make “Your Store,” this is where they store all the information that you like the best and what products you are most interested in” (B2C e-commerce design and performance for Amazon. com, BN. com, &, n. d. ).

This gives a sense of individuality to the customers wanting them to come back for a visit. a) Communities and Look and Feel: Amazon. com also offers chat forums for the customers in order to discuss their views and opinions. This is also one reason for the customers to visit the website. ‘Internet Chat Headset Forum’ is one of the examples of their chat forums and virtual customer online communities. The storefront of Amazon. com has been rated high as it offers a number of varieties on the page and also provides clear layout for the customer to assess where they are required to go.

b)    Incentives: Amazon. com offers different incentives to the customers such as bargains of Friday Sales, Today’s Deals and many more. It offers auctions and personal accounts to give the customers a sense of individuality and personalization encouraging them to visit more often. c)    Security & Reliability For such sites security is utmost important and therefore it can be said that “Security and Privacy Policy for these are very well put together and are very private” and one has to “go through various checks and double checks for e-mail and password verifications.

This ensures that the website company and you have the right passwords and e-mail addresses for your privacy and protection. They also have protects programming on their sites to ensure that no one can get you password, e-mail address, and most important your credit card number” (B2C e-commerce design and performance for Amazon. com, BN. com, & Half. com, n. d. ).

d)    Successful achievement One of the many highlighted features of the website is that very recently “ is to Webcast Investor Conference Presentation Morgan Stanley Technology Conference” (Business News, 2007) which is considered to be a huge achievement for the organization along with earning million of dollars of revenue. Another one of its achievements could be the introduction of software called the Amazon S3™ which is “a simple storage service that offers software developers a highly scalable, reliable, and low-latency data storage infrastructure at very low costs” (Amazon Web Services Launches "Amazon S3," a Simple Storage Service for Software Developers, 2005).

a)    Amazon. com: There are several benefits that the company receives via its online existence and conducting transactions through electronic means. The benefits are as follows Due to a long presence of Amazon online, it has developed trust among the customers which very important in e-commerce as personal information is needed for that which can be misutilized as well. Amazon. com can analyze data base more easily due to selling products by internet.

There is no additional work and effort required to attain the data from customers and other sources. They can also analyze customer who don’t visit their website for a long time. They might give discount voucher, or e-mail to inform special offer to make them visit Amazon. com again When customers register Amazon, they provide their information such as age, location, own preferences, which helps Amazon in segmenting the market without any added attempt.

They can target each segments more easily by e-commerce such as sending e-mail or give discount for particular group. It is easy for them to track the personal details as well as shopping details of the customer irrespective of the number of times they have visited the website. Due to online presence there are no costs related to physical maintenance of the store nor is their any cost opening new retail outlets as per the demand. The online existence and transactions have saved it from such costs.

Although there are costs of shipping the product but it doesn’t surpasses the cost saved. The increasing requirement for the knowledge of internet and electronic commerce has paved way for the popularity and increasing sales of all internet based companies which Amazon. com can also benefit out of. “This year the penetration of multi-PC home swill is higher than single PC homes” (B2C e-commerce design and performance for Amazon. com, BN. com, & Half. com, n. d. ).