Having Affordable Health Care

Having affordable health care has always been one of the main on-going topics in America since many other countries offer it for little to no cost. Having health care provided by the goverment health care can provide health care for immigrants, the un-employed or any citizen that has a job that does not offer insurance, or even citizens that have been denied insurance because of a existing disablility that they’ve had already and children will be able to stay on their parents insurance plans until the age of 26.

As a citizen of the United States of America I believe that it is not the Governments responsibility to provide Health Insurance to their Citizens, and just because Americans are uninsured doesn’t mean they cannot get health care because nonprofit organizations and government ran hospitals give it to those who don’t have or cannot afford insurance, and it is also illegal to not give emergency medical service just because someone doesn’t have health insurance.

I also believe that America’s “affordable” health care that is paid for by taxing the wealthy and cutting cost will make health care become corrupted and lead to poor patient care and an extremely long wait for medical services and/or doctor visits.

There are some American citizens who constantly cheat the systems and have a expensive house and a expensive car and having socialized health care provided by the Government is just another way for them to sit around and expect for things to be given to them when there are hard workers out there who don’t live comfortably, pay their taxes, work two jobs, have kids and don’t have health insurance and are barely getting by in life and to me, that is not fair.

Having affordable health care will increase the Medicare tax rate by . 9% and other people shouldn’t be gave high tax rates because we already pay taxes for things we buy already from food, our clothing articles, candy, personal needs and the healthy Americans shouldn’t have to have higher taxes because other Americans who are notorious for being obese, smoking and are couch potatoes can’t help themselves.

Having a government based health care plan also will hurt the economy because more taxes will have an effect of less savings. Less savings will mean less investment. Less jobs follow less investments – this will put the economy backwards and leaving most Americans who already have jobs not wanting socialized medicine.

Many other Americans and I disagree with Obamacare because of planned taxes and my expectations of how health care would be like if Obamacare is passed based on Family Friends who live in Canada that have Federal taxes of 0-29% and 4-24% of provincial taxes and personally fly to the United States of America for Doctor visits and other medical needs because they do not recieve the same attention and care in Canada as they would recieve in the United States of America because the doctors are that poor in customer service.