Youth and Politics

Youth are young generation of the country.They play a vital role in the development of country. A famous writer Sri Sri(Srirangam Srinivas)said that “Our country is not in the hands of lazy and corrupted old politicians,this country is ours i.e youth”.

A country with good political government is said to be developed country. But politicians are misbehaving.They are mainly focussing on earning profits and neglecting development of people as welll as country. Everyone is telling that “Politics is corrupted.But politics is not corrupted.Politicians are corrupted”. Earlier common people are afraid of policemen.But now policemen are afraid of politicians. We want politicians like Shyam Prasad Mukherjee,Dr.B.R. Ambedkar,Abdul Kalam,lal Bahdur Shastry,Kamraj Nadar,Prakasam Panthulu etc. to eliminate corruption and also for development of country. Generally people used to tell “Youth is spoiled.But spoiled is Politics”. Youth should join hands to enter politics to protect our country from old orrupting politicians. Youth have the capacity to do anything.

Youth should be encouraged to enter politics.This is possible only by educational institutions. A compulsoy subject about politics should be introduced in colleges to create a desire among young generation to enter politics. In olden days a child from every famil y will join military army to protect their kingdom.Similarly a student from each educational institution should enter politics to protect and develop our country. Ther are colleges for Engineering,Medicine,Management etc. Why can’t we have a college for politics?

Everyone is telling that Educatin gives knowledge.Politics with knowledgabie youth will lead to development of the country.But youth are applying their knowledge in other fields. Every student/youth is telling that they will become Engineer or Doctor.But no one is telling that “they will become POLITICIAN”. Though our country is said to be Democratic,it is in the hands of politicians and their families. The system of giving political seata to his/her relatives or family if he/she(politician) is dead should be changed. Some politicians are using Youth for illegal activities.So youth should be aware about them.Because of those politicians youth are also getting corrupted. For a stable government Youth should enter politics.

Youth should not mingle with corrupted politicians.  By giving opportunities to youth new ideas can be generated and better solutions can be obtained for complex problems. There is retirement for every job.But politicians are not following retirement. Hence a slight modification must be made in our constitution that “Any politician who are above 65 years must be retired from his position” Though politicians with more age have experience and take better decisions the position should be given to his subordinates based on the experience after retirement of his/her post. Youth are voting at age of 18.

Why can’t they show interest to enter politics by age 21? Youth should be given chance by all political parties to enter politics. A certain reservation in politics should be given compulsorily to youth in politics. Not only youth alone can develop country.But youth with some experienced Politicians will be helpful to develop country. Let us remember the words of Sri Rabindranath Tagore. He wrote in “Gtanjali” that he wants to see our country “as heaven where there is no ego hurtings,one person will not steal others,every person is happy and live happily”.