Writting and Communications Essay

Responding to OthersThe “Vocation or Exploration” article by Alina Tugend discusses a topic that I feel very strongly about- education. It highlights the positive outcomes that one attains after pursuing their dreams and graduating with a degree. Receiving a degree in today’s world gives an individual the security and stability they need. It is the backbone that allows one to excel in any job field; however, that is only if that individual fights strongly enough to succeed in what they want. Throughout the article, Alina Tugend’s article proves and reassures the importance of a degree with profound evidence and information. Professor Anthony P.

Carnevale stated, “If you major in art, realize you will have to get a master’s degree.” This statement is true for all degrees, irrespective of the individual’s vocation. An impeccable example that reassures Professor Anthony P. Carnevale’s statement is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet. He graduated with a Master of Science in Economics from Columbia Business School and became one of the wealthiest man in the world. Warren Buffet achieved what every person would dream of achieving due to his advantage of learning and educating himself in college. Whether you take arts, law or economics, your success is depended on your own personal strive.

The arts have a reputation of being severely unstable as a career, yet numerous examples prove that those who have become successful through art become household names, such as Madonna and Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey graduated with a degree in drama and speech from Tennessee State University. She was able to use her knowledge and create an empire, which till this day is one of the most successful broadcasting businesses in the world. From magazines to her own TV series, her success is unquestionable. “You have to be in the right place at the right time” is a statement someone would hear repeatedly when studying in this field.

However, this statement can now be said to just about anyone. The job market has fewer jobs now than ever before, as there is an increasing amount of people searching for them. It has become evidentially clear that a degree gives someone the advantage they need over a person who is uneducated and degreeless. Andrew Delbanco, a professor of humanities at Columbia University said that a degree isn’t a simply a luxury anymore, it is a necessity that creates an engaged citizen.

Andrew Delbanco and many others, including myself, strongly believe that getting a degree is essential. One must have focus on a plan, a dream and persevere it. With the topics discussed in the article and the events that are occurring in todays society, attaining a degree will give someone a head start so that they can achieve their dream and make it into a reality.