World War II Paper Example

World War II is a very important battle in the history of man and has many interesting aspects to it. One such aspect is Hitler’s “final solution”, or is commonly referred to as The Holocaust. Some of the main topics that were part of the Holocaust were: the ghettos established by the Nazis, Anne Frank, and the famous Auschwitz. Major events that took place during the Holocaust was the encampment of the Jews in ghettos. These ghettos were city districts that were often enclosed and Jews were forced to live there in miserable conditions.

The Holocaust was one of the greatest historical impacts among all historical events, causing the mass murder of 6 million European Jews (Why Hitler hated the Jews). The Jewish people were often brought to concentration camps to work and eventually be killed off by the Germans. Auschwitz was one of the most famous, for being one the largest death camp. Anne Frank was one of the souls unfortunate enough to be transferred to Auschwitz. She was later sent to Bergen-Belsen where she and her sister, Margot, died weeks before liberation. During World War II, the Nazis established more than 400 ghettos to take control over the Jews.

The Jewish population was forced to live under miserable conditions. The reason behind this was because the Nazis believed that the Jews wouldn’t survive in the unfavorable living conditions that they would have to Experience. Such conditions were as bad as starvation, dehydration, and terrible living space. The ghettos made it easy for the Nazis to kill and decimate the Jews. The Germans had many camps all over Europe, Such in Poland and Soviet Russia. When German restrictions placed on the Jewish residence spread across Italy and Western Europe, they were forced to live in specific sections of the cities called the “ghettos”.

Jews were segregated while the Nazis took control over them and treated them as they wished. However after the Holocaust, the Germans officially destroyed the ghettos. The Germans had murdered or deported millions of Jews. Auschwitz is known as a symbol of death and took a big role during the Holocaust from 1940 to 1945(The Holocaust). It was located in Southern Poland and was the largest of the Nazi’s death camps where according to research, 1. 1 million people were murdered and most were Jews . The concentration camp was used only as a detention center for the political prisoners.

However, during the Holocaust it was turned into an environment where all the Jewish people and other of the Nazi’s enemies were taken to and remained imprisoned. Auschwitz, during World War II, was made for the Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, criminals, and prisoners; where they were then gathered and punished. It was divided into three main camps that moved incarcerated prisoners into labor forces. Hitler believed that the Jews were an inferior race, and a threat to the perfect German race and community. Anne Frank was a German Jewish teenage girl who lived through most of WWII and knew what it was like to experience the Holocaust first hand.

Anne and her family spent over two years hiding in an annex above her father’s office in Amsterdam during WWII. That is until the day when the Nazis invaded and came in, taking Anne and her family and the others living with them. After that, they were promptly arrested and deported to concentration camps. Their arrival in Poland was when Anne’s family was torn apart. Anne and her sister Margot were separated from their mother and father. During the time that Anne was at concentration camps, she had to endure hard labor such as hauling heavy stones and grass mats.

Anne Frank died of typhus disease at Bergen-Belsen at age of fifteen. She tasted the bitter nectar of death tragically just before achieving freedom in 1945 (Bio True Story). The Holocaust impacted the world in many ways killing million and millions of Jewish as well as other members of persecuted groups such as mentioned earlier the Gypsies and the homosexuals by German Nazi during the era of World War II. Hitler’s war against the Jewish race wanted and demanded to kill them simply because, he thought they were an inferior race and that they caused all the problems to the Germans and interfered with their succes.

All in all these these topics played a huge role in World War II during the Holocaust. The Jewish lived one of the most horrible times throughout history losing lives, suffering from starvation, disease, slavery, and war. Anne Frank and her family were one of millions of families that were split apart when they were captured by the Naz’s and sent to the concentrion cammps. Anne’s short lived life is a perfect example of how the people in Germany were treated. The effects of the Holocaust are still one of the most long lasting and drastic effects ever known to the history of man.