World Cultures: Comparing China and the United States

Religions are very different in both countries. In the US most people are Christian, but there is a freedom of religion so you have the right to practice any religion that you want to. In China they are against religion, because it brings people away from communism, they want communism to be the official religion of China. Status symbols of living in the US are things that you can buy, cars, houses, clothes etc

In China everyone is given an equal amount of money because of the communist society, so it is much harder to have these sort of things. US people value money, the next thing they are saving up for, a new boat, or something else of value. But in China their values are different, mostly because of their communist government. They want to do everything for the good of the group, or their country, the more they can help out the better.

The government of China you probably already know, it’s one of the last communist governments left in the world. In a communist government the government runs everything, the businesses and jobs, they pay everyone equally. This does though have problems. People have no incentive to work, no matter how good a job they do they still get the same pay. In the US we have a Democratic-Republic which means we eletc

who we want to run the government forus. People are free to sell anything for any price they want as long it has been approved and is not an illegal substance. The US has always been a Democratic-Republic, that was the reason why the United States was formed. China though has not always been communist. In 1949 Mao Se Dung started the Communist revolution and changed China to a Communist country and it has been Communist ever since then. There are no social classes in a Communist society everyone is equal and on the same level, because everyone is supposed to have the same amount of money. This didn’t work quite exactly right though in China because leaders in the government become corrupt and take more money for them self. So realistically there are two social classes, the government and high ranking officials, and then everyone else below them. We have three classes in the US, upper, middle, and lower. They are determined by money, the rich are on the top and poor on the bottom. The largest class is the middle class. Because of the type of economy that we have in the US small families are preferred.

Entertainment is a big part of the American culture. Television is the most common form of entertainment. Almost every single home in America has a television. Americans love sports, sporting events draw huge crowds and millions of people watch them on TV. During the super bowl one billion people watch it. The most popular American sports are Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey. One of the biggest sports in China is ping pong. Not many people own their own ping pong tables, but they can play ping pong in local rec. centers.

The geography of China is very diverse, China has the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest. It also has several of the other tallest mountains around the world. There are over 1 billion people in China, and it is the largest country in the world. 72% of China is rural because of the many mountains people have less area to live. The US has 275million people and is the third largest country in the world. The United States is the richest country in the world, and has an average income of $14,000 per year.

Problems in the US are solved mostly by the courts, if they are between people or businesses inside the United States. People that live here them self usually fight when they are mad about something. Everyone always says to, “talk it out” but it never really happens. In China when there is a problem it is crushed by the government. For example, Tienamen sq. Where thousands of people were killed by the government because they opposed the government.

The United States of America and China are quite different in ways, mostlytheir government, but when it comes down to it, the people are pretty much the same.