Women In The Military Example

This article was about women in the military and it tells of how women were treated unequal to their counterparts before the beginning of the twentieth century is states how new laws have been made for women so that they have equal pay and also equal position in the military. The Veteran Affairs took a stand for these women whom all fought for our country and they made sure that they were rewarded as such.

The article’s information dated back to when President Lincoln was inaugurated with a statement, “…. To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and orphan…” Evaluation According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, “Women Veterans: Past, Present and Future,” women were not officially involved in the military until the twentieth century, they have evidence that prove that women fought on the battlefield for the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.

It was said that women disguised themselves as men during the war and went unnoticed. During the Civil War more than 400 women assumed combat roles while posed as men. As the years went on there where different organizations made for women in the military one in particular was the “Veterans’ Health Care Amendments of 1983 (P. L. 98-160). ” This law mandated that the VA established an Advisory Committee on Women Veterans. The committee was responsible foe assessing the needs of female veterans in regard to providing equal access to VA services and programs.