Women in Military Sample

With the social development, the role of women are become more important in society. The discrimination between male and female is almost disappeared. Therefore, women have a chance to develop themselve and get a job they want. Even they can do well in man’s job. In some countries, many people believe that women should not serve in the military, but i think it is a mistake, if they do not permit women to serve in military, because of three reasons. Firstly, there are some tasks that need the hand of female to complete successfully. For example, in army medical corps, the main missions are to treat, recover and take care of soldiers.

Those tasks are appropriate for women, who are patient, thoughtful and friendly. For some dangerous missions, such as spy, women usually have a flexible way to adapt the circumstance. Secondly, women can comply the rules in military better than men do. Female soldiers usually show perfect discipline in the rules, missions or plans in army, and they will try their best to complete them. It is not right to say that men are careless in military’s dicipline. Because male sometime want to show off or prove they are better than other soldiers. Therefore, some cases will lead to break the rules or do not obey order.

Finally, that is about the patriotism. If men can join the army to show their love with the country, why women can not do it? Nowadays, the equal between male and female has been greatly improved. Thus, women have the right to serve in military by voluntary and show their patriotism. To summarize, women have many personalities which are suitable in army. They are no only do well their tasks, but also obey orders in military. Therefore, women should have the right to serve in the military.