Women in law

Women in Law Enforcement There has always been a stereotype separating men and women. Such as, women are not efficient enough to have a job in law enforcement and men are. Many people do not agree with this stereotype or have a different opinion towards it which can cause a disagreement between genders. The majority of people who disagree with women being in law enforcement are men. Morgan Summerfield, a yahoo contributor says, “Law enforcement has traditionally been a male dominated field and as such may have been slower than others to accept females into its ranks.

” Men do not accept women in law enforcement because the believe women are the “weaker sex” (1) and belong at home with their children or attending to their family or house duties. Summerfield also says, “ Male domination in law enforcement and the idea that force and strength are required, reinforces the belief that women are unable both physically and mentally to do the job. ” Travis county, Texas, Sheriff Margo Fraiser disagrees.

Fraiser says, “We’ve been learning our whole lives how to deal with things without having to resort to physical strength and physical violence. I think the thing we most bring in is the ability to handle situations without ever having to lay hands on. ” Sure, women might be the “weaker sex” (Summerfield 1) when it comes to physical activity but that does not mean we can not be the “stronger sex” (Summerfield 1) in other aspects of law enforcement. Just as there are people who disagree with women in law.