Withdrawal policy and steps

Either we were right or wrong to go into war, it is worth mentioning that we have achieved some basic targets and we are victorious. Now at the time of withdrawal following should be considered, 1. The withdrawal should be graceful and in no case show the victory to resisting elements. 2. To achieve that, a pro American government is needed in Iraq. It should have enough resources and force to control the country and continue fight against terrorism. 3. The oil must be in control so that this oil wealthy country may not fall into the hands of terrorists.

4. The replacement Iraqi forces should be ready to take over positions of American troops. 5. A packet or treaty with the neighboring countries for non interference in internal matters of Iraq. The American government is working in the same lines and secretary of state Condoleezza Rice is currently in a meeting with Turkey and other stake holders to achieve this goal. The U. S troops withdrawals never means U. S. withdrawal from the Iraq or region, therefore it will be guiding principle in withdrawal. The followings policy is suggested, 1. U.

S military presence visibility be reduced by shifting the troops out of cities and towards strategic borders. 2. Iraqi law enforcing agencies given more tasks and specially task of securing transportation that is currently handled be private contractors. 3. The role of U. S embassy be reduced to normal so that Iraqi people do not see them as masters. 4. In first step, the part of army that contains heavy equipment to fight with regular armies be reduced so that safe return of equipment is possible. 5. The phases of withdrawals be announced with a very flexible plan so that terrorists and resisting forces may not make their plans to take over.

6. A regular wing of Iraqi personals in American forces will be very helpful like Gourkhas in British Army. That will be strategic move to get American personals out of the war. In start they can be placed anywhere in world but will be available for making moves in Iraq. 7. The Iraqi nation should be taken in confidence by giving more authority and by visible reconstruction efforts. 8. Then reduce the number of basis, reduce the number of American private contractors, reduce the number of advisors in different ministries and finally all on stage visibility in Government functionality.

9. Before major pullout all measures be taken for the peace in Iraq as civil war in oil rich country will be devastating. In extreme unfavorable conditions, it will be advisable to involve OIC or neighboring countries joint force to handle the situation then to leave it for civil war. Thesis Statement Based on the factors discussed above it is clear that complete withdrawal from Iraq is not in our favor where as involvement in Iraqi government will raise the anti American sentiment more.

Therefore, partial withdrawal is the way left. Iraq government functioning is partially working and further political stability will increase it. Therefore, it is the time to announce time-frame of pullout. A strong and popular government is needed even that is made of some unwanted elements but agreements should be made with them for army bases to keep it in control. The time-frame should be clearly phased with the consent of all parties in Iraq and the neighboring countries.

The United States government has to make better relationships with neighboring countries to fully abolish the Al-Quaida bases in Iraq. Turkey has to restrain from attacking on Kurds in the withdrawal period. All that management looks difficult but that are prerequisite for withdrawal.


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