Why We Buy What We Buy

“By giving form to peoples deep lying desires and picturing states of being that individuals privately yearn for, advertisers have the best chance of arresting attention and affecting communication” says Jib Fowles in his piece “Advertising Fifteen Basic Appeals. Jib Fowles, Bergen Evans, and Stephanie Ericsson all are components of how one can understand why people tend to buy products, and what entices us to be moved by a single commercial.

Certain aspects of a product can induce really anyone to by something, it can be based on language, lies or just the way they advertise anything. Language plays a major role, well at least according to Bergen Evans. “Words are the tools for the job of saying what you want to say”, so they are another form of explaining what needs to be said. One form of this is diction, diction can help a lot when trying to prove a point. Diction can identify the feeling that you want the reader or viewer to feel when reading or seeing someone.

For example ,for advertising Miracle whip the creator of the product never says that its sour or tart. They say the taste is “sweet” and “tangy”, and the connontation related with these words are postive. It creates this idea that the taste is delicious and appetizing. Also by the use of certain words you can either sell a person or make the situation sterile and not convince someone to buy it. “Vocabulary is a tool which one uses in formulating the important questions of life the questions which must be asked before they can he answered”.

Lying also is essential when convincing people to buy a certain products. Stephanie Ericsson explains in her piece the different lies told in an average persons life. One of the lies she discusses is the white lie and this also is what is common in advertising. The way this lie is shown to the seller is through going back to vocabulary is by using certain such as durable and indestructible and it may or may not be true. These white lies can affect your outlook on what your going to buy.

One of the most famous white lies told in history is when the Titanic advertise it self as indestructible! Blah blah blah. When in reality nothing can be indestructible, so that was lie one. This lie created profit and advertisement. It created profit for the owners of the titanic and made 2228 people buy tickets for this boat and only to be convinced that they were abroad something that was “safe”. White lies like these can convince people to do almost anything.