Why people immigrate to the United States?

A culturally diverse America has been consistently labeled as an economically stable nation that created a constant lure and allowance of mass immigration from other countries. America’s successful economic marketing with a profound model for growth has attracted individuals from the entire world thereby creating a nation of multinationals. The national identity of every American citizen can now trace its lineage to an immigrant ancestry where sharing the same language and being governed by a single government is a common culture with a shared aim for peace and prosperity.

The arrival of different nationalities in American soil has however created popular controversy sparking concerns of sovereignty. Many of these new settlers have however claimed that their abandon of their ethnic identities is their way of enhancing support and allegiance to the United States. National security problems have heightened the awareness of a disparity brought about by an increasing immigrant population. The government and many groups and individuals sincerely believed that as a substitute for national safety, immigrant populations should be regulated at a level acceptable to everyone.

Other measures inclined to environmental protection has also catapulted solutions to the rising immigration issue. The root of the situation however has to relevantly entertain causative factors that cause the mass influx of ethnicity into the United States amidst the powerful forces at work acting against immigration issues in the United States. Relevant Data: To date, the 20th century catered to the highest influx of immigrants which accounted for the massive population expansion.

Census studies recorded the 1999 population to over 270 million, making it the world’s third largest country in terms of population . Every year, the population grows to half a million with higher life expectancies and low infant mortality rates . In terms of population distribution in cities, New York became the record breaker followed by Los Angeles and Chicago . Population growth in Las Vegas topped among states spurred by unprecedented hotel-casino construction .

The rising numbers showed lately reflected a still growing population which is 1/4th of what it used to be over a century ago with immigration at one-third playing the lead role. Latest records showed 28,234,231 illegal aliens in the US with Los Angeles as the main hub . VEILED FACE OF COURAGE “When I was young I knew what it was like to be free,” Ayat Moustafa, a 21-year-old student at the University of the District of Columbia, said. Ironically, she was 12 years old and living in Cuba, an island not known to many as a place of freedom.

However, she was a daughter of an Egyptian diplomat. Cuba afforded her freedoms that she never would have realized in her home country, like wearing shorts or playing with boys, according to Moustafa. Moustafa attended American school and immersed herself in American movies and music when she returned to Cairo. She made a vow all those years ago that she would someday go to the U. S. Moustafa realized her dream a year ago when her father was sent to work at the Egyptian Embassy in D. C. “My dream has come true…and my biggest fear now is losing it,” Moustafa said.

October 2007 marks the date when her father’s tour will come to an end, and she must make a choice – to stay and pursue her dream…or go home and face an uncertain future. If she returns to Egypt, she can look forward to nothing more than being a wife, according to Moustafa. “A wife in Egypt is like a slave to her husband and his family,” Moustafa said. “Women are treated like second-class citizens. ” Men are the leaders of the household, because women are viewed as lacking intelligence and religion, according to Moustafa.