Why Marijuana Should Be Ligal

Why marijuana should be legalized? The answer is simple marijuana was made illegal because it is harmful. Marijuana is often used as an introduction to drug; it is a guideline to cocaine, or other harder drugs to be use. If marijuana is legal eventually other hard drugs will have to be legalized too. Marijuana should not be legalized. Legalizing marijuana is another invitation to crimes within our society specially the children of our future. People only think, on the revenue aspect to legalized marijuana; and not the increase of drug addiction, crime, deaths driving while high, easy access to children, rehabilitation center, and physical damage by legalizing marijuana. Some states are very serious planning economic aspect of it.

Can we decide the law base on how much income marijuana will generate because is legal or should it be how much damage will cause to society if it is legal? Think about it this way the addiction will increase if marijuana is legal. Marijuana can be the beginning children easy access to experiment. The children will be the number one victim within our society. They will become tem with other drugs, like coco, heroine, crack, and many others drugs that will lead the community to have an epidemic of drugs addict. The crime rate will increase because of people will be in arrests due to drug. People will have a higher chance to commit more serious crimes because of their addiction to drugs. In this case those people who use or sell, drugs illegally already, have a reputation of break the law. People that are addicted to drug have a higher chance to commit a crime by, robbery, rape, murder. If drunk driving is one of the major issues in this country, regales of the different programs they offer to educate people and still major issues in society, imaging a deaths driving while high.

That will be increasing the number of deaths driving while high. Think about all the heartache it will cause to families and friends it will increase treble as fast. Let talk about the easy access to children how they will be able to get marijuana just like buying candy from the store. It will cause them to always be high. The numbers of children dropping out of school will increase. The local community will increase in having rehabilitation center to help people that are addicted to drugs than to be building education schools and park for the children. The number of homeless people will increase need to come up with the funds to get them offthe streets.

Another major problem that marijuana will be creating if it is legalized is physical damage. Some studies state marijuana abuse has lead to brain damage, cancer, lung damage, depression, and even death. The brain damage has been shown to cause memory loss specially the short term memory and difficulty in problem solving. It is the government’s duty to analyze very deeply how they will protect the people from such dangerous drugs, and legalizing is not the right way to go to have a saver environment.