Why Immigrants come to the United States

Illegal immigrants come to the United States in search of a better life, financial stability and successful education. Most of the immigrants have left from the developing countries where there is a lot of poverty due to low economy to the United States that is already a developed State with high standards of living and welfare. In developing countries most of workers are low income earners and thus the income cannot sustain them hence most people will tend to search for better financially stable states that they will be able to earn more to earn a better living.

The United States also addresses the challenge of meeting the needs of so many non-English speaking children by enrolling non-English speaking teachers that can be able to teach these children to understand English. This attracts most immigrants to the United States because they do not have to learn English first so that they can be able to start learning. The children from one speaking language can be able learn together and this helps this children to perform better.

It is estimated that “migrants farm workers in the United States earn between six thousand to eighteen thousand dollars a year depending on a variety of factors” (Macken 2002). This factors include the type of farm labor, the availability of work and the method of compensation. Most of the migrant laborers in the United States are also offered workers protection and compensation for injuries or disability protection. There are also a lot of job opportunities in the United States for employment not as compared to other states or countries.

It is also easy to start your own small business in the United States by easy access to loans or from your savings. The United States have no strong restrictions on immigrants starting their own small businesses or companies. United states also provide permanent employment opportunities to immigrants unlike in other countries where one cannot acquire a permanent job rather than being a casual laborer. When it comes to heath care expected immigrant mothers are provided with prenatal heath care by the State subsidized program.

Once a baby is born their mothers lose their health care protection but as a United States citizen, a baby will continue to have some health coverage. Once the become citizens of the United States of America they are safe from deportation and are treated like normal citizens. Recognizing the importance of providing health coverage to the immigrant population, twenty one states and the District of Columbia now use state only funds to offer basic health services to documented children and pregnant women who otherwise would be prohibited from enrolling in a public health insurance program due to the five-year limit.

States that traditionally have large populations of immigrants are California, New York, and Texas. The white and black communities are currently coexisting peacefully with their new immigrant neighbors. This lack of conflict may be credited to local schools and churches that have provided community assistance for recently arrived immigrants. Thus in the United States there is no discrimination or racism as much as in other countries or states.

Immigrants can be able to work in any state without any fear of race of not coming from the same community but they have been able to co exist as one family unlike in some countries where one cannot be accepted in some communities. Migrant children grow up quickly in the United States, learning to cook, clean, work, and care for younger siblings because they have those better chance and time to learn for shorter hours and go back home to tender to their young once.

Unlike in those countries where one cannot be allowed to work and learn or study at the same time, in the united states one can be able to go to school for some hours and then go to work for some hours to earn a living. The United States also offers scholarships that can be easily accessed by immigrants to be able to go to school and pay at a reduced price. In some states this scholarships are not eligible or offered to the immigrants but only to the citizens of that country only.

United States also offers free secondary and primary education to its citizens and hence if the immigrants get children who automatically become citizens they are also entitled to this free education as normal citizens. This privilege is not easily found in many countries or states and thus many immigrants will prefer to go to the United States where they will be able to access this free education when they get their siblings. The United States also offers child support programs to children born as citizens from families of immigrants.

The child is given support in terms of financial support and health care support by the state and hence the parents or immigrants will enjoy this privilege that is only offered by few states or countries. Some United States children laws also support proper up bring and care of the children by their parents and penalties are place for any child abuse scenarios are set. All children in the United States are entitled to education and hence all immigrants are able to access education easily unlike their homes where the education is not free and the low income achieved cannot support the family to attain education that is costly.

Immigrant children are also disadvantaged by a scarcity of appropriate assessment instruments and by a lack of trained personnel to conduct linguistically and culturally relevant educational assessments in their home countries or other countries but the can be able to access them in the United States where we have well trained teachers and non-English speaking trained personnel who can be able to understand their language.