Whether Immigration system

Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act of 2006 contains the provision regarding removing the rights of appeals against refusal of all types of visa, introducing new civil penalty for employing illegal workers, allowing people leaving the country to be detained  and allowing the immigration officers to carry out the biometric checks on passengers with biometric travel documents. More over the Act enumerates that police, immigration officers and the custom officer should be given more power to obtain passenger, crew, and freight information and also from airlines and shipping firms.

So it can be seen that UK has initiated some measures which is based on the recent technologies and effective management and leadership system, against the mass migration. But the fact is the government could not issue any financial bonds. The statistics shows that there are no increase in the detention of failed asylum seekers . The failed claims and subsequent removals of asylum seekers could not be cop up with the policy requirements.

The people of UK can not disregard the action of department of removal of national prisoners without considering the means of deportation which turned to a be big issue and negative impact on the management of the immigration system and it ultimately led to the new appointment of Home secretary, John Reid. Moreover UK has initiated “border Management program” in order to facilitate the passenger’s information to accelerate the legitimate passenger’s movements and also to help the government of UK against the serious problem of terrorism, organized crime and

illegal immigration. Though this program is in initial stage and it will be promulgated in July 2008, there are a number of disadvantage enumerated with this system. Mainly, the access difficulties lead to the non availability of the databases to the required agency. The intelligence, normally can not be shared as it is the matter connected to the statutory regulations. Moreover the some officers not having more powers can not bring out efficient border control functions properly.

Sometimes it  happens that the non cooperation between the agencies like  Border Agencies working group and Border Agencies Director group hinder the smooth functioning of the program. (5)(HC Deb ,2005) In addition to this, losing the links with the inland organizations, reduction of skills and the obligation to the lowest common denominators, inability to utilize the process of biometric services in efficient manner etc are the recent problems related to the Border management program.

Another debacle of the efficient immigration system is the lack of measures to find out whether a person is working in UK or not. The only way is the employer’s obligation to the corresponding law which says that the employer should check the copy the documents and other combination of the documents of the employees to ascertain their identity to work in UK. But here the sumptuous availability of forged documents is real threat to the immigration control and to the concerned authorities in preventing the illegal work.

(6)( The Immigration (Restrictions on the Employment order,2004) But in recent times, UK is on the way to introduce more advanced and efficient measures which may help the government to control the mass migration and the subsequent problems. UK is about to launch points based immigration system to ensure the entry of needed skills to the country. Here the migrants will be given some points as per their experience, age and aptitude in need of the particular sector. Another example of advanced implementation is in entry to the UK.

Around 80 routes of entry to the UK will be replaced with 5 tiers of workers with different skill levels. But the critics say that it will lead to the exploitation of migrant workers. (The Guardian, 2007)(7) Conclusion Migration can be enumerated in the context of pushes and pulls – poverty, corruption, oppression, and general societal dysfunction impel people to leave their homelands, while liberty, high wages, and expanded economic and social opportunities attract people to this country. The second countries are always bound to protect the interest of such migrants.

The respective countries should meet with the international obligation in this regard. Moreover there is need of imparting political and economical concerns for a better, well-organized and proper functioning of the international system related to the immigration. The migrants should be allowed residence and other amenities by the receiving country. But at the same time the government has to formulate the devices for the smooth functioning of their system in order to avoid any happenings in future.


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