What to Do If You Are a Victim of Sexual Harassment 

There are two types of sexual abuse: verbal and physical. You need to know how to deal with both because you never know that you will not be attacked orally or physically at the stage of your life. You better prepare. Read for information.

Oral Harassment:

This can be done by telling yourself bad reasons for someone or someone to surround your home and humiliate you in front of other residents with loudspeakers. They can secretly record their movements at home and reveal them. You can put your entire apartment on a spy camera and take advantage of you. These are all examples of verbal abuse. How can you avoid them? With a family lawyer, the best way to help your friend or relative or someone you trust. His own family may not be able to help because the attackers may have threatened them and left them helpless.

When you are looking at who will help you, take it easy and say, ‘I stopped being a victim.’ By collecting the power of these words, you are trying to get help. After you define yourself the problem with another person, say, ‘Wait, help is coming soon.’ Den. This way you have to deal with your verbal insults. There are other ways to get help. You call this Eve Attack and report it to the police. The police can handle this problem for you. There are many ways to get help. You are desperate and you are not alone. Look at my help, you will receive much.

Physical Attack

Someone jumped out the window and is ready to attack you. Take anything around, such as an air purifier, an aerosol or a spray, and spray directly into the eyes. So run and save for your life. If you are fortunate enough to charge your mobile phone, contact the police. And if not, never panic. Let the time pass and the attacker get bored and leave. Or if he is lucky enough to find you in the hiding place, throw sand and mud on your face, put your eyes and nose inside the house and dial the emergency number on the landline for help.

If you’re always dealing with a killer, stay calm. You’ve turned your attention twice. You may need to turn your attention once more to help. What can you do? Be friendly and start talking to him? When the time comes, hit your head hard with something heavy, for example, a big stone and weight in the fish tank will set a good example. Be open to ideas and attack it. You can leave the rest of the work happy for the people you ask for help.

As a result, verbal or physical abuse – nothing should be tolerated. You need to protect yourself and ask for help from anyone who comes to your mind. If you can only think of the police, that’s fine. They will be very willing to help. Stay calm and short and everything will be fine. Always remember that nothing is beyond justifying it. Your intruder will definitely have a heavy punishment and you can breathe a sigh of relief.