What is LLM Degree?

The LL.M. degree is defined as Master of Law (it originated from Latin term Legum Magister) is the degree in postgraduate judicial studies that has international consideration. It is the educational level is devoted often to some legal field and has the purpose to give not only background but to give a deep comprehending of all theoretical and practical moments to students.

The first law degree gives the general knowledge of different law direction, and the next study level is devoted to making a high-qualified specialist in some direction of law. Often foreign student chose LLM program to know more about USA judicial system or to be a perfect specialist in some legal direction on the international level.

Under the American Bar Association analysis, there are minimum 360 types of LLM programs in the USA. Some study is more oriented on the research; others can offer different classes or combine the both variants. There are also full-time one-year term study and part-time type for two years or even to study law degree online.

There are some rules how to apply for LLM program. The firstly you should have Juris of Laws or Bachelor of Laws to continue education for LLM program. The second one is that it`s obligatory to pass with the necessary score of the general English-language test (TOEFL or ITELS) for students from abroad.

Mostly it`s not obligatory to obtain LLM degree but it offers great opportunities in the future profession. That is explained by the fact that the most successful firms prefer to employ the specialist with such qualification.

Therefore let`s sum up some benefits of gaining LLM are:

  • opportunities for young students to get a job easily in the famous law firms;
  • possibilities to become professional in some legal practice area and work in it or expand own legal practice;
  • ability to become the international lawyer, that is very actual in the time of globalization and quickly development of multinational business and relations;
  • being high-qualified professional always requested by the work market of all countries;

Hence, if you would like to practice some field of law as national like international, or to learn the judicial system of another state, and, of course, to become professional, you obviously should study for LLM degree. By the way, it will have a great significance in your legal career.