What a United States’ President Should Do?

The United States of America is said to be the place of dreams. There was a time that its economy is the largest in the whole world. Then in the recent years after series of terrorist attacks in the United States, its economy had suffered greatly. There are many factors which triggers this effect. In this paper, we will discuss the current U. S. economy and the things the President can do to reinstate America on top of the world. Terrorism is the main reason why the United States economy had been suffering for the previous years. It is probably because of the decrease in direct of investments from investors.

Investors like well secured countries and because of the attack in the World Trade Center in New York, they probably lost their confidence in the security provided by the U. S. government. These investors depend on the countries’ security because if they provide extensive security for themselves, they will probably lose their investments. The lost of money from attacks of terrorist could be another factor but it is just a small amount compared to the size U. S. economy. The thing is the United States had been spending a lot of money compensating for the lost of structure, lives and others to maintain the countries stability.

The Trade Industry had suffered a great loss in those attacks. The traders in the United States would ask more compensation since trading had greater risks now than in the past. The risks came from the threats of terrorist on trades. They are afraid for their money that they needed insurance for their loss if it will happen that there had been an attack. Another reason why the United States economy had been lacking in economic progress in previous years is because the government cut the budget for health, education and such agencies that contribute to economy, in order to reinforce the fight against terrorism.

It was obviously given to the US security agencies such as the military and the police to strengthen the security of the country. The funds used for economic development was abundantly cut, leaving a meager amount for them to function inefficiently. Fighting terrorist is quite an expensive task to do. Since terrorist also had an ample amount of money to fund its operations. The government had spent a lot of money chasing after terrorist. Just the mere tracking of them costs lots of money and catching them is a total different story. That is why the country had slowed down in growth.

It had spent so much money in chasing these terrorist. It is very unfortunate for the United States for being the usual target since it has opposed these terrorist from the start. So the spending in counter terrorist operations is inevitable. The government should find where these terrorists get their budget and shut it down to slow the terrorist down. Eventually, catching the terrorist should ensure businessmen and investors a secure world. These are the reasons why the United States of America was lagging behind other countries. The government, especially the president should concentrate in improving the economy again.

If I’m the president of the United States I would study how to persuade investors to invest their money in the United States. In order to accomplish that objective, the president should eliminate the threat of terrorist in his country. In doing this, the president should not take out budget from agencies which contribute to economic development. He should study the finance department in order to find unnecessary budget allocations. If you find unnecessary spending in your budget then you will put those budgets to the security agencies to reinforce the security.

With proper security, the investors’ would trust the government again and they will venture again in the United States. It will be easier said than done but with proper management of resources, it would take America back on economic track. The first goal if I became president is to secure and to stabilize my country. Then second is to find whose threatening my country and eliminate them without sacrificing the welfare of my country. It is worthless to eliminate the enemies of your country if your country had to suffer for the actions you take. Setting one’s priorities is the most important thing in leading a country.

The leader should first take care of the welfare of the country before pursuing other actions. Being the president of a country like the United States is the hardest job any American could take because you had to consider the thought of you country before you consider yours. The president of the United States of America has much to do to reestablish the American economy. With other countries gaining ground on the market and establishing their foothold on the world’s economy, the president should start studying the facts to ensure economic growth.

The president should be liable if the economy had suffered for his actions. With proper allocation of resources and proper management of funds, I could protect the country from terrorist and would not allow the country’s economy to suffer. I will allocate funds both for health and education, and security departments. It will be hard to find money for it but with growing economy, I can find it anywhere.

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