1.0 GOALS* Provide relevant up-to-date information* Easy navigation* Accessible

NZSV require an easy-to-use website that will enable them to deliver information to their users about the services provide by NZSV, such as educational programs and publications that they provide. They would also like their site to focus on current information about the volunteering services that students can become involved in, and provide a search application that will let users search for a student volunteering group in their area of the country. 2.0 USER EXPERIENCE

2.1 Audience DefinitionThe target audience for NZSV are tertiary and secondary students who are either already involved with volunteering in their community or are interested in becoming involved in volunteering. Users are typically technologically savvy and often access through their educational providers facilities which typically provide high speed access, high-end hardware and the latest software versions available.

2.2 ScenarioSarah, a second year Law student, incorporates volunteering into her busy academic life as she feels that volunteering provides her with a unique opportunity to increase her knowledge, and abilities, and to understand and appreciate the diversity of our society. Sarah prefers to volunteer by coordinating after school programmes for children who have been identified as having behavioural problems which may lead to them being at risk of poor life outcomes. Sarah uses the information technology facilities available to her through the University to search for resources that will assist her to plan games and activities for the children that she volunteers with.

|||Site Design| 4| 6|Navigation| 6| 5|Email Newsletter| | |Search| | |

* Pink and boring, navigation a bit confusing with the main navigation down the left side of the site pages. Background image in the middle of page content is a little overpowering at times. Inconsistent use of fonts. Site content not completed with some pages still having “site under construction” text. Links confusing as heading colours have been made the same as the link and visited link colours. Some formatting not expected convention (i.e. centering of some text). Page layout needs more attention as some random white spaces included. Not too many graphics. Simple site.

* funky main navigation, but takes a little to adjust to as sometimes difficult to use when it disappears. Simple strong colours, a little masculine, but more appealing to younger people than above. A lot of content found below the fold on 600×600 resolution. Effective use of panes/boxes to display page content.

3.0 SITE CONTENT3.1 Content Inventory* Overview of Services* Information about NZSV* Volunteer Newsletter* Volunteer Resources* Contact Details* Search for a volunteer group

3.2 Functional Requirements* Newsletter subscribe form* Contact form

Website search facility* Volunteer organization database search facility4.0 SITE STRUCTURE4.1 Site Structure ListSection 1: Home PageSection 2: About NZSVSection 3: Find a Volunteer GroupSection 4: Volunteer NewsSection 5: Volunteer ResourcesSection 5.1: Volunteering GuideSection 5.2: Information SheetsSection 5.2.1: SafetySection 5.2.2: FinancialSection 5.2.3: Legal AdviceSection 6: Contact

4.2 Site Diagram

4.3 Navigation* Home* About NZSV* Find a Group* News* Resources* Contact Us5.0 VISUAL DESIGN5.1 Layout Grids

Main page layout grid

Sub page layout grid5.2 Design SketchesPaste your design sketch here (Practical 2.2)

5.2 Page Mock-up

Paste your Page Mock-up here (Practical 2.2)APPENDIX AAsset InventorySee separate supplied document (Website Assets.doc)