Ways to Control Piracy

Q1 . How can we identify plagiarism in a movie? How about software, images and book? Ans-Movies: ?In movies we generally see a scene/concept/idea/story/music/acting/shot etc. are borrowed from previous movies and used either as a whole or part or modified. ?This can be homage, clever improvisation of the old to new. Simple lift, copy paste etc. Depending on the intention and talent of the plagiarizer. ?This will involve every field in movie making and this is a regular process of making movies. Software: ?Did you know that software piracy is considered stealing?

It is the same as shoplifting or burglary. ?The software user also runs a higher risk of viruses and fatal system crashes because of corrupted diskettes or defective software. ?Consumers also lose because they don't enjoy the full benefits of technical support, warranty protection, or product upgrade information. Some of these terms and conditions prohibit: 1. Using multiple copies of a single software package on several computers 2. Passing out copies of software to others without the proper documentation (Not having a multiple site license for more than one computer) 3.

Downloading or uploading pieces of software via bulletin boards for others to copy 4. Downloading and installing shareware without paying for it Images: ?If you don't know the origin of images or have proof of purchase, suspect images should be removed. ?If you have permission to use images, specifically list this permission on a disclaimer. ?Purchase images from reputable sites. ?One should keep purchase records or written permission, in case of audit. Many organizations use programs called "spiders" that search for images on the Web.

Many companies have legal divisions that find illegal images and demand payment for damages up to 10x the cost of licensing each image are likely unlicensed. Book: ?Illegal reprint of the original book without proper permission. ?Unauthorized publishers publishing the copies of the books ? Unauthorized reprints of the original books Pirated books can be easily differentiated from the original books by the quality of the pages of the books, the font size used in the pirated version. Generally the pirated books are cheaper than the original print.

Generally the reprint will have a different publisher not the original publisher , but now a days even the original publisher’s logo is copied and reprinted as original. 2) How can a movie studio prevent plagiarism? Ans-Studio can adopt the following steps:- ?Whenever any movie studio takes broadcasting rights of any movie, firstly they should ensure that whether it is original one or influenced by some other plot. ?All the developments can be kept close knit hence very little information about the film is let out and leaked.

?By offering inexpensive digital downloads, low-cost streaming video, or on-demand programming straight to your home, it diminishes the convenience excuse for snatching it off the web. ?Should release DVD/CD of the movie along with the movie. And price these CDs/DVDs as cheap as possible. Infact tie up with small stores/shops to distribute and sell DVDs along with basic goods. People prefer pirated DVDs for the following reasons – one, it is really cheap and two available easily at markets/railways stations etc. 3) What strategy should fox star adopt to combat potential piracy of MY NAME IS KHAN.

Please consider the cost and benefit of each strategy you suggest. ?Ans- Fox star must understands India and develops some coherent strategies like ? To prevent hijacking of copies heading to theatres, a Fox Star employee accompanied every analog reel released in theatres in India and abroad. ?The studio can also hire antipiracy agencies across India that worked with local police to raid illegal DVD-making facilities in the days following the film's release. ?

To battle illegal distribution over the web, FOX star can have a tie up with the cyber crime cell of the Police department, filtering online search for “MY NAME IS KHAN” and blocking the popular shady websites for movie downloads. Cost and benefit of these strategies-The cost of tying up with the law enforcement agency is that it’s the most effective way of stopping piracy as its a law and order situation as the money generated through piracy helps in funding anti social activities, hence it helps the law enforcement agencies crack down on these activities and help the film industry in curbing piracy.