Was Russell Effective?

Russell was an effective Prime Minister by reason of the fact that he was capable in changing issues in Ireland, even though Russell was under the difficult circumstances with a minority in the Commons. Some may comment on Russell not being effective in Ireland, though what they don't see is that Russell was successful in Ireland due to the fact that he had made crucial changes, which help the Irish. He was also able to kept his party content even though he had governed for a six-year period with a minority in parliament.

One could argue that Russell was most successful in the changing of Ireland. With the issues concerning Ireland, Russell was able to manage to take most of Peels ideas and develop them into making them better so that they would benefit the Irish. In the time that Russell had spent with issues relating to Ireland he was able to pass a considerable amount of reforms, which had changed life in Ireland altogether. Unlike Peel, Russell was able to change Corn Laws and also as a relief he also sent out i?? 7 000 000. This was a very munificent and generous bequest.

This was the beginning of a rein of success for the reason that this had now started to change the Irish citizens opinions of the English. He also tried to remodel the idea of compensation for the people who rented land. This was known as the Tenant Right Bill, which stated that, the Irish people should get more security and better rights for their land that they owned. Though due to the fact that his party was not a majority party the bill was unable to pass through he commons due to the fact that it was made up of the aristocracy.

However, even though he was powerless to pass this reform, the people saw that he was trying to make a variance and therefore was effective to a sense that the Irish had now felt that there was after Peel that pondered for them. By asking Queen Victoria to visit Ireland and changing the election system, he had made a considerable effect on the voting. From a merely 45 000 people voting it had increased by 118 000, giving in total 163 000 people voting. He was effectual in all areas and did not forget to add in the essentials like education.

He had introduced a non-denominational University in Belfast. In addition to these reforms he had also improved the Factory Act, which stated that the hours of women and children would be shortened. Some people could question Russell and put forward the view that he did not do enough in the issue relating to the Factory Act. Though what people fail to see is that he had already pushed his luck because he had already gone against the Whigs views on 'laissez faire'. If he had gone anymore ahead with the issue of the Factory Act, then that could have resulted in the party breaking apart.

He also made sure that it would be the role of the government to make sure that vital areas would be well hygienic. This would count for water supplies and sewage, things that we take advantage of now. So he was tremendously effective relating to Ireland due to the fact that he was able to carry out and accomplish many of Peels ideas and also made his own. Though what made him effective was that he was able to do all this even though he was managing a party, which had not got a majority in the Commons.

Another main factor for why he was such an effective Prime Minister was that he handled his party well. Due to the fact that his party was made up of a number different people, aristocrats, free traders, middle class and many more, it was up to him so that they would not eventually fall apart. This was not an easy job due to the fact that each part of the group had their different interests and it was in his capable hands to make sure that he offered everything to them that they wanted and also made sure that one parties idea's don't clash with another's.

Though it was also not much of a challenge to him due to them not having much of an opposition. This was another major factor for why Russell was an effective and a successful Prime Minister. With the Tories falling apart and the other parties being to weak, he was not challenged. With the threats of the series of revolutions in Europe in 1848, this would be the perfect example of him being assessed on how well he would handle the situation. To prevent the revolution from taking place, he had agreed with the Chartist for their march to progress, as he saw them causing no threat to him.

In result of him allowing them in doing this it was due to him that England was one of the few countries that did not suffer from a revolution. The main reason for which he had proved to be an effective and successful Prime Minister was the way that he had dealt with the issues of Ireland. This had portrayed his abilities as a Prime Minister and had shown the people of the political area that he was able to handle and make changes for the Irish, even though he had a minority in the commons. He had more of an impact in Ireland then he did England.

This could be understood by taking all that he had done in Ireland and comparing them to the little that he had done to prohibit the revolution. Keeping the party together was not a trouble-free situation. This needed a lot of patients and understanding and the ability to make compromises. So with out a doubt he had done an admirable job in keeping the party together, alternatively one could express their view by saying that he had done well with his party, but his true and his determination talent lied in Ireland where he able to make changes which people would benefit greatly.

In my closing paragraph, Russell was an effective and successful Prime Minister, as he was capable in making beneficial modifications with the fact that he held a minority in the Houses Of Commons. He was also a great Prime Minister due to the fact that he was able in keeping a good economy running while dealing with the treat of a revolution, which he was able to make sure that it did not occur. Another factor for why he was an effective Prime Minister was that he had no opposition parties, which held a threat to him.