Warnings from Washington's Farewell Address

“Cultivate peace and justice toward all nations”, “Avoid alliances and maintain neutrality among nations”, “Be guided by principles, not interests”. Despite attempts the country have been failed in this three warnings. The country have been trying to live up to “cultivate peace and justice toward all nations”. Being the richest country in the world, United States, is trying to help other countries when have problems with others governments and when the country is poor and in wars (with military help). But war is not equal peace, with military help makes continuous the war and a lot of innocent people die, everyone get scared and afraid.

US are not cultivating the peace. In the war its always some country against another country. Its always have two sides, and always will have alliances. U.S its always in wars, so always make an alliance. “Avoid alliances and maintain neutrality among nations” failed. Like said above U.S its always in the war, and the most of the time U.S its in other countries to “help”. Help another country who really need its a good principle, but everyone knows that help its not the only reason, it always have a second intention, interests. And again failed “Be guided by principles, not interests”. Thus, America has always fulfills a warning and infringes on another. To satisfy political interests as an excuse try to cultivate peace in the world and it engages in war making alliances. U.S is always motivated by interests.

Sarah from Law Aspect

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