Walmart supermarket

Introduction:The first Wal-Mart store was opened by Sam Walton in 1962. Today we can count 894 stores all over United States which offers to customers’ pleasant and convenient shopping experience. Each single store employs about 225 associates.

The store is well feature wide, clean, brightly-lit aisles and shelves stocked with a variety of quality, value-priced general merchandise such as: Health and beauty aids, automotive product, house wares, lawn and gardens items, toys, sporting goods, pet supplies, etc…. In 1988, Wal-Mart developed supercenters to meet the growing demand for convenient. One stop family shopping featuring their famous

Every Day Low Prices. This stores save customers time and money as they have combined full of grocery and their range of merchandise under one single roof. Those supercenters are nationwide and most of them are 24hours opened. In there we can found: bakery goods, meat and dairy products, deli foods, frozen foods, condiments and spices, household supplies and beverages.

Most of those supercenters have specialist shops such as vision centres, health clinics, tire and lube express, hair salons, brand name fast-food restaurants, etc… In 2008, Wal-Mart developed a new concept, the market-side stores. This is a small community pilot grocery store specializing in fresh meats at a good price for customers.


Political:Wal-Mart is established in so many different countries (USA, UK, China, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and India). Most of those countries are democratic countries in which they believe that every citizen has the right to attend political meeting and vote over a certain age. However China for example is more as a Totalitarian. The government has absolute and centralized control. The political ….Which the country is have an effect on what type of economy system it is adopting. Economical:

Any economical problem such as the crisis going on now will affect on a wayor another the spending of consumers which will reduce a certain consumption of certain goods However even though there is a crisis consumers still will be consuming basic products and services that Wal-Mart are providing and offering at low prices compared to other stores. Wal-Mart are based more on a market driven economy system with the consumers deciding on the products available and needed.

Social:Wal-Mart is a company which does care about the society. They have established many groups to help people such as the military heroes to get degrees and helping those with difficulties with education by giving donations.

Technological:Wal-Mart should be updated with all the information system and products systems that enable them to control their level of stock and those technologies at the cashier desk.