Walmart Online

1. How does Walmart attempt to position itself on its website? I feel Walmart has attempted to position themselves on their website as the one stop retailer for whatever a consumer may want. It showcases everything on the site from Elctronics, furniture, and groceries. On top of having everything at one place, they also offer free shipping making shopping at Walmart online not only convenient, but also at bargains of prices and an easy way to get it. 2. Compare the atmospherics of Walmart’s website to the atmospherics of a traditional Walmart store.

Are they consistent? If not, should they be? I feel Walmart’s website atmospherics definitively mimics the atmospherics of the traditional Walmart store. Examples of this are not only the simplicity of the Walmart colors but also the down arrows that signify lower prices. Walmart is certainly known for lower prices engaging consumer’s emptions and proneness to shop/buy products from Walmart.

I believe that these two should mimic each other to deter consumers away from the ideology of what Walmart’s marketing is trying to achieve, simplicity and cheap prices. 3. Read the “Walmart Story” on the website. Explain how Walmart has changed its retail in positioning over the years. Over the years, Walmart has always focused on customers however not so much prices and community.

Since the beginning, while their focus was customers, they hadn’t entirely realized what drove consumers to be long-term customers. They picked up on realizing it was low prices that drove customers back to their stores in conjunction with convenience of products. They then not only focused on reducing prices throughout their stores on their everyday general merchandise products but also providing higher quality foods from local farmers etc. to drive consumers back to their stores. This not only helped position them to be the one stop convenient shop they are today but also positioned them to be one of the top retailers in the nation.