Walmart Business Ethics Analysis Paper

"The real problem today is the ineffective and inconsistent oversight of professional boxing, which has led to continuing scandals, controversies, unethical practices, and unnecessary injuries and deaths in the sport," once quoted by Charles W. Pickering. Wal-Mart has developed to become one of the biggest retail store in the world. Being one of America's biggest employer and the main thriving company, Wal-Mart has incredible power (IQUnions). Nevertheless, the Wal-Mart's business performances have unconstructively effected its employees all over the nation (IQUnions).

Wal-Mart's Unethical Research Behavior

Wal-Mart is a nonunion business that believes it does not need to go-between involvement. So, as an alternative of unions, Wal-Mart has an open door policy where employees can make complaints to the administration (IQUnions). In reality, Wal-Mart forbids employees from discussing anything with the union representatives (IQUnions).

Wal-Mart, numerously violate the wage and hour laws, now finds itself defending its employment practices in legal arguments across the country. Countrywide, about 64% of workers in most companies have about 5,000 employees or more, receives their health benefits from their employer (FreeOnlineResearchPapers). However, Wal-Mart health coverage is only around 50% of its employees. In addition, Wal-Mart has been blame for discriminating against women (FreeOnlineResearchPapers).

The Effected Parties To Wal-Mart's Unethical Research Behavior

Wal-Mart has let American employees downhill by dropping earnings and pushing fine paying American occupations out of the country (IQUnions). Its executives have selected to lower expenses and breach employment laws (IQUnions). Consequently of these issues, Wal-Mart has been the focal point of condemnation by diverse groups and persons. In addition, it is wrong for Wal-Mart to forbid employees to speak to union administrations because of the National Labor Relations Act, employers are not permitted to lay off employees from creating a union because they have every right to (IQUnions).

Wal-Mart’s health insurance is so pricey that some of the staffs cannot even have enough money to pay for it. In addition, women had been left without proper training and giving promotion openings that are presented to men, and women are poorly paid (IQUnions).

How Wal-Mart Unethical Behavior Affected The Individual & Society

Wal-Mart has pushed many companies out of business. Actually, this big company is facing a considerable amount of debates for wrongdoing of business practices (IQUnions). According to PBS, “Wal-Mart employs more people than any other company in the United States outside of the Federal government, yet the majority of its employees with children live below the poverty line (FreeOnlineResearchPapers).”

A typical worker makes between $12,000 and 17,000 a year which is not much working at Wal-Mart. Consequently, employees have to apply for public assistance and this public assistance comes from our tax dollars. Essentially, one of the causes for Wal-Mart low wages is because they want to cut in service costs and they want to carry on offering low prices (FreeOnlineResearchPapers).

How Wal-Mart Unethical Behavior Be Avoided/Resolved

If Wal-Mart wants to keep away from claims they need to give more job openings to women and they should get paid as much as male employees (FreeOnlineResearchPapers). Although Wal-Mart is such a thriving company, they can be more enhanced if they put a stop to bias for it will save them money on lawsuits. Therefore, no company is involved to problems. The companies that endures are the ones that can find ethical issues and correctb them before they become problems (FreeOnlineResearchPapers).

Wal-Mart’s unethical business practices have hurt its company’s reputation (FreeOnlineResearchPapers) .If Wal-Mart wants to carry on they will have to try hard to progress their image. That is, they need to show that they care concerning ethics by treating employees reasonably (FreeOnlineResearchPapers).

Therefore, it will attract good employees and people will have no motive to complain about the company. In addition Wal-Mart needs to be publicly responsible in order to avoid economic harm and in order to maintain the legality decided by society (FreeOnlineResearchPapers). "I have always recognized that the object of business is to make money in an honorable manner. I have endeavored to remember that the object of life is to do good, quoted by Peter Cooper."


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