Walmart. Battling Big Business

With more than one hundred million customers a week and over one million employees, Wal-Mart has become one of the biggest retail stores in the world. Wal-Mart has made local and family owned businesses a thought of the past with cheap labor and slashing prices on cheaply made products. These stores have successfully diminished smaller mom and pop stores in surrounding areas. They catch people’s eye by advertising low prices and have the lowest deals around but really their concept of low prices is twenty five cents cheaper than competitors.

Those twenty five cents could be the difference in a quality product and a poorly made product. Wal-Mart’s annual revenue goes beyond two hundred and fifty billion dollars a year. It is the biggest customer for many of the worlds leading consumer product companies. You would think that a company that produces this much revenue a year would be able to pay their employees well but that is not the case. Wal-Mart pays an average of seven to eight dollars an hour while other grocery stores such as Kroger, Publix, and other major grocery chains.

When these big retail stores open, jobs are readily available for people to jump into. What they do not realize is the after affects of the big retail system and poor benefits that come along with the job. Wal-Mart is one of the few stores that require associates to work on major holidays. They claim there pay is close to union wages but yet people still come out and disclose their pay and the comparison isn’t even close. These major retail stores claim to have low prices but honestly are not much different from your local hardware store. Wal-Mart saves money by sending production overseas.

This has estimated to cost at least six hundred thousand jobs to manufacture workers. Wal-Mart saves money by sending production overseas. This has estimated to cost at least six hundred thousand jobs to manufacture workers. The sole purpose of sending production overseas is to cut cost of production and labor. Wal-Mart has succeeded in a big way with this method. The only downfall to this way of production is the quality of the product. Yes you might save a couple of dollars on a product but what is the quality of that item.

The term always comes to mind: you get what you pay for. The couple dollars you save at these stores have put a major damper on small businesses and have driven most of them out of business. Why support these retail giants who have destroyed towns when you can support your local family owned businesses and have quality products. Is Wal-Mart good for America? Most people would say yes but then you have the people who see Wal-Mart taking over towns one by one. People including myself do not see how a program can sale cheap made products and still maintain a good reputation. These “low prices” have led to loss of jobs and low wages and lower living standards as well.

Before we know it we will be working for Wal-Mart. It seems you can take just about any exit off of the interstate and there will always be a Wal-Mart sitting off to the side of it. I know it is smart business in some aspects but at the same time people need to open their eyes and see the truth. These big business stores have turned the middle class into the lower class and have ruined cities and small towns all over the United States. It is beyond the point of repair in most places. Wal-Mart has established itself and will continue to flourish in these towns where it has pushed small businesses under the mat. In closing I hope you see the point of this and how Wal-Mart has taken over the term retail store.

The average person spends 4,500 dollars a year at Wal-Mart. The cutthroat ways Wal-Mart operates is almost unthinkable. You have a company who makes billions of dollars a year but yet, cannot let their employees have major holidays off or even pay them a decent wage with benefits. For a store that has slashing prices and the best deals around you would think they would pride themselves in quality products but that is not the case. It is all about quantity with Wal-Mart not quality and that will never change.


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