Walmart Analysis Research Paper

For me I think the most ethical problem that walmart facing is killing small stores around town Walmart makes it harder for local stores to compete. Some of them filed lawsuit against Walmart, they said company uses predatory pricing to put competing stores out of business. For them to compete against big retailer they have to reduce wages by 5 percent after Walmart entered new market. Many people refuse to have Walmart in their area.

There are some issues involving employee stakeholders also they failed to provide insurance and health care for more than 60 percent of their employees, their employees some of them are not eligible, their slogan is kind of not showing it they say hiring healthier, more productive employees. From this between 2000 and 2005 their stock decreased by 27 percent.

Workplace discriminations, they have to pay $172 million for their 100,000 employees in California because of law suits their employees filed to them because Walmart denied meal breaks few times, another accusations in other states which is same thing and they paid $640 million. They paid another $17.5 million for discrimination of hiring their truck drivers.

Illegal immigrants seems to be another problem for them because in 2003 United States Immigration and customs enforcement found 250 illegals immigrants working at 61 stores in 21 states and that is huge amount of people. They paid $11 million for that and Wall street journal said that their executives knew about this thing and did nothing about it. Even Thomas Coughlin on of Sam Walton buddy was forced to resign because he had stolen $500,000 from walmart in many forms. He used the money for personal expenses.

They tried to become greener company as well, they trying to saves in many ways such as replacing bulps that saves them millions per year. They installed daylighting feature that enable stores to dim or turn of lights as daylight increases.

They have few goals and achievements for next couple year and those are very green I would say and if they could did all of that walmart would not be the same company, they have done some of them but still it is not enough for them, Walmart donated over $1.5 million for Haiti, they committed and donated $2 billion to fight hunger in America. They lowered the prices of fruits and vegetables.

For me all of these, what they have done to this country might be unethical but they responsible for all of them, for example in the healthcare issue back in 2000 to 2005,in 2006 they solve this problem with raised pay tied to performance in about one third of its stores and improved its health benefits by offering them many choices that could save employees $25 million those are such an accomplishment for huge company like walmart.

Walmart is doing great job today to keep their company sustainable and they improving because they concern and serious about making their company better, they not look at their past, they solved all their problem really ethically and they responsible on all of them that is why people still choosing walmart as their destination for cheaper and good quality products.