Walmart Producsts Research Paper

Product• The company is hosting products regarding electronics, movies, music, books, furniture, all type of baby, men and women wear, sports items, health care products, pharmaceutical products, jewelry, toys, photography, grocery and many more. • A huge facility of online shopping and Safe shipping is provided.

• A very reliable and warranted system is provided to customers purchasing any type of goods either online or directly through mega stores. • Walmart mostly exhibit private labeled brands and brands like Cott Beverages were exclusively marketed at Walmart outlets. • Initiatives have been taken for food item for maintaining their nutritional value, and the companies are consistently being asked for using environment friendly technologies. Price

• Walmart actually is not a producer of any brand, rather an exhibitor but its huge network world wide is purely because of its discount packages that seems very attractive and tempting to the customers. • Along with largest retailer, its also an economic force as it is successfully running the pricing policy that is, providing the customers such low rates which they could not avail any where else. This is the basic policy on which the vast empire of Walmart is standing. • Universal bar code is the bench mark of this company and specifically an achievement of its founder which provided power shifting from manufacturers to retailers.

• Prices of the grocery items at Walmart stores are as low as 15% of the local market. • Electronic items and technological market rates are as lower as possible. • The plus one policy for the manufacturers, retailing the items at Walmart made it mandatory for the producers to go one way, either by reducing prices or increasing quality of their product. • Their price policy welcomes only those producers who are producing at the huge demand of the company, others being thrown out of the market. Place

• Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart Stores U.S., and Wal-Mart International are the three divisions in which Walmart is working. • Walmart outlets are marketing with different names in Mexico, Japan, India, Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, South America, and China

• Walmart is a huge network of apparel stores, small markets, cash and carry stores, membership warehouse clubs, supercenters, food and drugs, general merchandise stores, soft discount stores and restaurants (Stolberg, 2011). • The outlets are huge buildings with an average covered area of 197,000 square feet. • Thirty eight mega stores are working in different countries with almost 1500 employees serving there. Promotion

• Online orders placing shipment to the desired place is major revenue earning source. • Website of Walmart is very efficiently working and the data base is designed to facilitate the customers and the contents are very well organized and easily reachable. • Basically the Walmart companies started operating at the discount principle, but still apart from routine discount seasonal offers and bulk discount offers are also given, and sometimes products rates are fixed at very low price for a limited period of time. References

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