Walmart History and Progress Summary

In 1945, Sam Walton opened his first variety store and in 1962 he then opened his first Wal-Mart Discount City in Rogers, Arkansas which was one of the first variety stores. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but thru opinions there are debates and with all that said I believe Wal-Mart is good for America. Wal-Mart has been opening stores nationwide and providing the consumers with low prices so that any person’s financial background can cover. Wal-Mart is one of the nation’s biggest employers out there but there is controversy on the employees’ wages.

Like any other job out there, you will never get satisfied on the full contents and responsibilities or wages. Wal-Mart is a cornucopia of thousands of different consumer items under one roof, in which you can get anything u need or want. Although Wal-Mart does overseas shopping does not mean the consumer is happy at their decisions because they say that Wal-Mart on doing so is taking a way a lot of American jobs. Wal-Mart is a supercenter of a numerous variety of things that one person can just go in and get what they need or want but is there wages to low?

Wal-Mart was opened up by Sam Walton due to the fact of a great idea of having everything u need under one roof. I am a big Wal-Mart shopper and believe that what they have done is very brilliant due to the fact that I don’t have to go to the grocery store and then head to the clothing store. The innovations that Wal-Mart has done for America are les appreciated on my belief. But there will always be other peoples thought on how the company runs things and so on. Wal-Mart has been providing excellent customer service and clinginess and a very good stock ratio that can satisfy the consumer who shops daily there. Studies have proven that 8 in 10 Americans shop at Wal-Mart due to the fact that the Wal-Mart’s thru out America have so much to offer and are open 24 hours of the day.

The fact that it is 24 hours it makes it better for the people that work at nights or the late night runs that u get home and all of sudden realize that you’re out of something so you head to Wal-Mart. One of the major factors to shops at Wal-Mart is the everyday low prices. I mean with the way the economy is everyone can use a little help here and there but when a store can offer u the necessities u need for cheap now that’s great consumer reports. One of the major factors on how Wal-Mart is bad to America is because of its size and variety and all at low prices so that makes smaller business that have to make a bigger profit to keep their store up and running go out of business.

To my knowledge of the law is that there should be any type of monopoly in the U.S. but Wal-Mart has done it legally to where all they were doing was competing with small business owners but due to their low cost of merchandise they eliminate the small business and get rid of jobs. So does Wal-Mart do wrong by getting rid of jobs and then making a way bigger profit towards the company and then pay employees minimum wage to do the work he did at the small business for less. There is wrong in some of the factors of Wal-Mart like buying things overseas just so they get the stuff real cheap and then sell to consumers twice or more of the cost of the item.

They say that buying things that were made in china from practically slave workers is making America poorer due to the fact that instead of buying straight from here they decide to buy overseas because they save a lot of money thus taking away American jobs. Is Wal-Mart good or bad for America and is it a benefit towards us? I am so for Wal-Mart despite the things said and made up about it just because I don’t really have the complete background on all the negative things being said but one thing for sure I am always up to learning new things. After reading thru the goods and bad I mean they have a lot of things negative to say about Wal-Mart due to the buying of goods overseas.

I can’t imagine how all these people do all the hard work of making things for consumers and getting paid nothing that is one of the hardest things I can hear that happen to people. As to the fact that people say that Wal-Mart takes away American jobs it’s kind of hard to believe due to the fact that they staff so many Americans. Lack of morals on knowing where the product is shipped is one dreadful thing that Wal-Mart does because everyone knows how hard people work in other countries and for very little to none just so us Americans are satisfied which is a little ridiculous on Wal-Mart’s part.

So knowing what we now know Wal-Mart does have its issues they have to deal with to the consumer and all the other people against them that have strong beliefs towards the American economy. Overall the topic to my knowledge and my prospective it is on for my part yes it has its defect but then again what doesn’t. Wal-Mart has been around for a while and is only getting bigger and bigger, yes it is sad for small business that have to deal with the fact that they have to shut down and what not but Wal-Mart is always hiring new people so that they can help in the economy.

The fact that Wal-Mart does do over sea shopping does aggravate me a little just do to the fact that I know that there’s people that actually have to work in sweat shops and young kids to top it all off. If Wal-Mart can just do their part a little bit more for their employees and what not and stop shopping overseas I think that the media and all the negative consumers would see a whole different Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the store I shop the most the store that is there when I need something so I cannot say that I’m against Wal-Mart knowing that I go to walmart once a week, or whenever I need something. So ask yourself a real question is Wal-Mart good for America?