W.E.B Dubois vs Booker T Washington

Booker T Washington and W. E. B Dubois were both born into slavery. They had many of the same life experiences. Despite them having experienced similar things growing up they had different views for the post-slavery Negro. Different views on how the Negros and Whites should co-exist. Booker T Washington’s Atlanta Exposition Address outlined his ideas on how Nero and White America could co-exist. His first point was for there to be mutual respect between the two races. Because of the years of slavery, nursing the sick, nursing their children and working their fields.

For these reasons the Negros have earned their respect. That smell gesture of respect would be a major move toward solidifying the relationship between the Negros and the whites. He also felt that the white southern business owners help the Negros more. They should invest money in the black community. Teach them how to make money. In showing them how to invest and save money Booker T Washington felt that would begin to change the opinion Negros had of the white man. He also addressed the issues that the Negro had with their own community.

He used a metaphor of two vessels to represent the Negros. The two vessels were symbolic of the state of mind Negros were in shortly after the end of slavery. They were looking for handouts. And whatever money they did have they squandered it on foolish things (i. e. : expenses, clothes, sex, alcohol, tobacco and cars) He addressed the Atlanta Exposition crowd to show them that the Negro community was an emerging financial market. The time to invest in the market was now.

Now would be the best time to invest time and money to help the community grow, rather than using their money to oppress the Negro race. He told them they would see a thousand percent return on whatever money they put into the black community. W. E. B Dubois on the other hand wanted the Negros to be totally dependent on them and not to look to the white man for a handout to work hard and earn everything when there isn’t a way to make one. He wanted them to go to school and get an education. W. E. B Dubois wanted Negros to be more sufficient.

He felt that having an education was very essential and that having an education would open doors for emancipated slaves. His address pointed out issues that were facing the Negro race. He felt that the Negro race needed better schools, better teachers and a better educational system. He also felt that they should learn different trades so that they could be educated and also skilled. In his address he made mention of the Negro schools in the South and the White schools in the North. He felt that the Negros should attend the schools in the South instead of going to the schools in the North.